8 Most Common Orthodontics Conditions To Watch Out For

‘A smile can often fix many difficult situations’. We are all familiar with this phrase. However, there are many threats that loom over this perfect smile of yours. Of course, the germs, cavity, and plaque built up deteriorate your dental health, but some misalignment can also hamper your perfect smile too.

Today, we are going to present some most common orthodontics conditions, but before that, we will explain what is orthodontics, in brief. Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that deals with fixing malalignments of teeth, whether it is due to defect or injury.

Crowding Of Teeth

It occurs when there is not enough room for all the teeth. This arises when the jaw is either underdeveloped or is just a little small as compared to the teeth. As a result, the teeth overlap one another and can cause some dental problem as it becomes tricky to clean them thoroughly.

Spaced Teeth

This is just the opposite of the previous condition. In this, the jaw is rather big as compared to the space needed by the teeth. It can cause food particles to stuck in between and also often happens to be unattractive to look.


Usually, the upper plate is usually protruded over the lower one. However it became a problem, if this protrusion is too steep as compared to normal skeletal build, an orthodontic condition, we call it as an overbite. It causes difficulty in chewing in extreme cases.


This is just the opposite of the previous case. Under-bite refers to the arrangement when the lower jaw protrudes over the upper jaw. It affects the overall facial look and might add some difficulties in chewing.


This is a combination of the previous 2 conditions. In this, some of the teeth are aligned as overbite while some are aligned as under-bite. It might give a rather unnatural look to the dental plate and might lead to some dental conditions.

Open Bite

In this condition, the teeth of the upper and lower jaws do not meet one another. It makes chewing a much difficult task, which often adds excessive pressure to the other teeth. It might happen due to persistent thumb suckling as a child.


This is a case when one or more teeth naturally do not form and leads to extra spacing in the palate. If only a couple of teeth are missing, it can be easily fixed with braces, which spreads them out evenly.


This is just the opposite of the previous condition, in which there are one or more extra teeth than ideally supposed to be. If it does not cause any dental difficulty, It might be left untreated, but otherwise, it often needs to be surgically removed.

These conditions can be addressed effectively with the treatment from expert orthodontics. It might be okay to live with them if its severity is minor and posses no discomfit or trouble. However, in many cases, untreated orthodontics can lead to premature wearing of teeth and dental trauma, and speech difficulty. It is also crucial to note that orthodontics treatment is most effective when they are availed at an early age. However, it is never too late to resolve a health condition.

Preserve Your Beautiful Smile With These Healthy Oral Habits

Life Is Short, Smile While You Still Have Teeth”

On this September 12th, we are observing the World Oral Health Day. On behalf of the eminent dentists of ILS Hospitals, we bring you some useful tips to preserve that beautiful smile of yours. So, take down the notes and follows them like a regime to avoid untimely visits to seek teeth replacements.

1. Clean Your Entire Mouth, Not Just The Teeth.

Often people just settle with ‘twice a day’ brush mantra, but the oral health is comprised of the entire mouth. It includes teeth, tongue, gums, and roof of the mouth.

2. Hold the Right Brush In the Right Way

There are several types of brushes available in the market, it is crucial to pick the right brush as per age and special needs. It is also important to know the right technique to brush effectively. Holding the brush at an angle of 45 degrees to the gums and brushing both outward and inward, ensures the most effective cleaning.

3. Don’t Forget To Floss

Daily flossing can help to remove the residual food from the tricky corner of the mouth. Sadly, many people use hanging threads or other materials to floss, only when something stuck in-between teeth bothers them. It will cause more harm than good and is highly discouraged. Using a floss offered by a dental company is the safest.

4. Or To Use the Tongue Scraper

A brushing season is not complete without scraping the tongue clean. Apart from cleaning the bacteria from the tongue, it also helps to feel refresh.

5. Why Skipping The Mouthwash From The Regime?

Mouthwash is a new thing in the dental healthcare products. It acts as an extra layer of protection for teeth and gums. It also comes handy when one needs to have fresh breath in between a busy day.

6. Keep Your Diet ‘Teeth-Friendly’

Just like any other health aspect, dental health is also greatly affected by diet. Excessive consumption of soda, caffeine, sugar loaded food can cause enamel decay and other dental problems. Instead, eat fresh and crunchy, fruits and vegetables to nourish the gums and teeth. Moreover, midnight munching should be avoided at all cost unless it is followed by another sitting of brushing.

7. And Keep Your Brush ‘Dirt Free’

Cleaning the brush routinely is also crucial and so is changing them after every 6 months. This ensures the brush is good enough to keep up the good work.

8. Visit The Dentist Routinely

Seeing a dentist at least twice a year is strongly recommended. It can help in recognizing many dental problems at its first stage itself, which undoubtedly makes its treatment much easier.

So, pick your brush and cheers to a better, healthier smile. Happy and healthy brushing to you!

6 Signs That You Need Immediate Dental Treatment

“Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.” As rightly said by an anonymous person, a smile is best with all the teeth still intact. But sadly, not every individual takes proper care of their oral health, as much as they should. As per dentists, one should get a dental check-up every 6 months even without any signs of dental damage.

Dental Care

However, today we bring a list of 6 indications that certainly needs a dental appointment soon.

1. Tooth pain

A tooth pain should never be ignored, let it be onset while chewing or gulping cold and hot stuff. A persistent tooth pain is a sure sign of getting your teeth checked.

2. Tooth sensitivity

A tooth sensitivity is easy to spot as they cause sharp sensation to the teeth whenever consuming anything cold or hot. It certainly qualifies for a quick trip to the dentist as it may have an unresolved cavity or tooth decay.

3. Swollen/ bleeding gum

Having a gum bleeding or swelling is not common unless one has been punched in the face. So, in case anyone experiences these symptoms, it should NOT be taken lightly. A timely treatment can resolve this entirely and mitigate the risks of further damage such as loose gums and tooth loss etc.

4. Canker sores

Having a couple of canker sores from time to time is common due to some deficiency. It resolves on its own and thus is not severe. However, having persistent canker sores, even if they are resolving on its own, is a dental threat. Apart from being painful and affecting food and drinks, if left unresolved, it that may cause more damage in future as well.

5. Dry mouth/ discolored tongue

A persistent dry mouth or discolored tongue is a sign of underlying, unresolved gum and tooth decay. It might also give rise to bad breath even after few hours after the brushing.

6. Teeth spots

Having a discolored or white spot on teeth is related to some unresolved dental issue. It arises due to the erosion of enamel, primarily due to the influence of acid producing bacteria. Spotting a teeth spot can be quite tricky, but having a history of them certainly demands to have a regular screening in the future as well.

In case, one or more of the above-mentioned signs arise, it is best to go for a dental check-up.

We, at ILS Hospitals, encourage every individual to take special care of your oral health on this World Oral Health Day.