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Emergency Helpline

  • Agartala: 8974050300

  • |
  • Dumdum: 033-40315001

  • |
  • Howrah: 033-40880000

  • |
  • Salt Lake: 033-40206500

Insurance/Corporate & TPA

  • Hospital is just a facilitator. Dispute arising (if any) to be resolved by the insurance/TPA desk)
  • Cashless facility for empanelled TPA’s Et insurance Companies
  • In case your preferred insurance company is not empanelled with us, we shall be happy to assist you
  • TPA/Credit/Corporate patients on credit to be discharged on written authorization from the TPA
  • Depending on the policy, certain charges like inadmissible expenditure, co-payment and excess over authorization may have to borne by the policy holder
  • In-case of denial from TPA, total hospitalization charges have to be paid by the policy holder
  • ILS Hospitals cannot be held responsible, if your authorization request is denied or delayed by TPA, Insurance
  • Please contact the TPA Desk or the floor coordinators for any assistance

Insurance Information – Pre-admission, admission

  • Providing all the required information and documents for insurance processing
  • The coverage of hospital by Insurance provider
  • Make sure to keep the cashless card available

Mediclaim checklist

Please carry the following documents for availing cashless mediclaim:

  • Photo ID card and address proof
  • Policy papers
  • Employee ID card (if any)
  • Admission advice by the consultant
  • Relevant medical reports and prescriptions. Filled up mediclaim form

Please note that all relevant documents should be submitted to the TPA desk within 24 hrs, from the admission time.

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