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Quality and Safety

Quality Policy

GPT Healthcare is committed to meeting customer requirements and achieving total customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services and the quality management system. GPT Healthcare shall comply with the entire statutory requirement as and when required.

We shall review the effectiveness of our Quality Policy on a regular basis and set appropriate objectives to achieve the same.

Safety Policy

  • GPT Healthcare is committed to the health and safety of our patients and employees and their working environment
  • Establish and maintain adequate standards, work practices and equipment
  • Ensure training of staff in safe work practices and procedures

Patient Safety Goals

  • Correct Patient Identification
  • Improve Effective Communication
  • Improve Medication Safety
  • Prevent Health Care Associated Infections
  • Reduce Patient’s Risk
  • Prevent Wrong Site, Wrong Patient, Wrong Procedure
  • Prevent Fall
  • Reduce harm associated with clinical alarm systems

7 Steps To Patient Safety

  • Build a safety culture
  • Lead and support your staff
  • Integrate your risk management activity
  • Promote reporting of adverse events
  • Involve and communicate with the patients and public
  • Learn and share safety lessons
  • Implement solution to prevent harm

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