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CT Coronary Angiogram

Overview of CT Coronary Angiogram at ILS Hospitals

At ILS Hospitals, we are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art diagnostic services to ensure your heart’s health. One such advanced test we offer is the CT Coronary Angiogram, which plays a pivotal role in assessing the functioning of arteries that supply blood to the heart. This non-invasive imaging procedure is carried out in the radiology department of our hospital, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your cardiac health.

Before the CT Coronary Angiogram Procedure:

  • Before proceeding with the CT Coronary Angiogram, certain preparations are necessary to ensure the test’s accuracy and safety:
  • Heart Rate Management: To produce clear and precise images, it’s crucial to maintain a specific heart rate during the scan. If required, our experienced medical team may prescribe oral medications known as beta blockers to regulate your heart rate to the desired level. These medications are essential for the success of the procedure.
  • Informing About Allergies: If you have any known allergies, especially to the contrast material used during the procedure, it’s essential to inform your healthcare provider. We take all necessary precautions and may prescribe medications to lower the risk of an allergic reaction.
  • Medication for Dilation: Patients might receive nitroglycerine to dilate their coronary arteries, ensuring that the CT Coronary Angiogram provides an accurate evaluation.
  • Understanding the Cost: We understand that healthcare costs are a concern. Therefore, we encourage patients to inquire about the CT angiogram cost before proceeding with the procedure. This transparency allows you to be well-prepared for the financial aspect of your healthcare.

During the CT Coronary Angiogram Procedure:

  • During the procedure itself, our team takes the utmost care to ensure your comfort and safety:
  • Administration of Contrast Material: A skilled technician administers a numbing medication and inserts an intravenous line into your hand or arm. This line is used to inject a contrast dye, which makes your heart’s arteries visible on the images. Our technicians are well-trained to minimize discomfort during this process.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Electrodes are placed on your chest to record your heart rate during the procedure. It’s essential to lie still on the examination table, which smoothly slides through a short, tunnel-like machine. This is where the actual scanning takes place, typically lasting just a few seconds. Holding your breath during scanning is important to avoid blurred images. For individuals who may feel uneasy in confined spaces, we offer medication to promote relaxation.

After the CT Coronary Angiogram Procedure:

Once the CT Coronary Angiogram is completed, you can typically return to your daily activities. It’s essential to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, which helps flush the contrast dye from your system. For an in-depth discussion of your test results, we recommend consulting with the doctor who advised you to undergo a CT Coronary Angiogram.

Benefits of CT Coronary Angiogram at ILS Hospitals:

  • This diagnostic test offers a range of benefits, making it an invaluable tool in assessing heart health:
  • Comprehensive Imaging: CT Coronary Angiogram allows for the simultaneous visualization of bone, soft tissue, and blood vessels, making it effective in identifying various underlying causes of discomfort or symptoms, such as blood clots in the lungs or aortic injuries.
  • Detailed Tissue Imaging: Unlike conventional X-rays, this technique provides highly detailed images of tissues, aiding in accurate diagnoses.
  • Safety: No radiation remains in the patient’s body after the CT Coronary Angiogram, ensuring minimal radiation exposure.
  • Efficiency: This examination is relatively quick and straightforward, offering a fast and accurate diagnosis of multiple medical conditions.
  • Patient Comfort: Compared to other imaging techniques like MRI, CT Coronary Angiogram is less sensitive to patient movement, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience.

At ILS Hospitals, we prioritize your heart health and well-being, offering you advanced diagnostic services, accurate results, and compassionate care. Your cardiac health is in good hands with our expert team.

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