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Surgical oncology

Surgical oncology is a subspecialty of oncology that deals with surgical means of removing malignant tumors from the site along with some of the nearby tissues. The viability of these surgeries depends on several factors like the type, site, size and extent of the malignancy. It can be conjugated with other oncology treatment approaches such as medical oncology, radiological oncology etc.

In many cases, for example, blood cancer or leukemia, surgical oncology is not an option. Some of the most common cancers that are dealt with surgical oncology are as follows

  • Tongue Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Laryngeal Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer

The aim of the surgical oncology is to

  • Remove All The Malignant Masses, If Possible
  • Remove Portions Of Malignant Tissue (debulking Surgery)
  • Detect Type And Stage Of Cancer
  • Ease The Symptoms Of Cancer (palliative Surgery)

As cancer surgery might cause some significant change in the appearance of the targeted body part, reconstructive surgeries might come handy to restore the same. At ILS Hospitals, we offer quality care for malignancy with expert surgical oncologists and advanced procedure.

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