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Emergency Helpline

  • Agartala: 8974050300

  • |
  • Dumdum: 033-40315001

  • |
  • Howrah: 033-40880000

  • |
  • Salt Lake: 033-40206500


How to book an appointment?

Book an appointment online at or mail your queries to or call us at:

  • Agartala: 8974050300, 0381 241 5000
  • Dumdum: 033 4031 5000
  • Howrah: 033 4088 0000, 033 4088 1202
  • Salt Lake: 033 4020 6500
What are the visiting hours?

Visiting hours are as followed:

  • Ward/Twin Sharing/Cabin/Suite: 9am - 10am I 5pm - 7pm
  • ITU/ICU/CCU/NICU/HDU: 5pm - 6pm   |   9am - 10am (Saltlake only)
Rules and guidelines for visitors

Visitors must carry visitor pass. Only two persons are allowed during visiting hours at Ward/Twin Sharing/Cabi /Suite and only one person is allowed during visiting hours at ITU/ICU/CCU/NICU/HDU. Children are strictly not allowed in critical care areas.

What is the mode of payment in your hospital?

The payment can be made by Cash / Credit Card / Debit Cards/ DD/ Wire Transfer / Cheque.

Do you have the facility of cashless treatment?

Yes, Cashless facility is available for empanelled TPA's & insurance Companies.

Do you have any health check up packages?

ILS Hospitals are equipped with the latest and accurate testing equipments, trained technicians and specialists providing an advance range of health check up and screening services.

This Health Check up Packages covers a wide range of investigations like from basic standard set of blood tests to detailed physical examinations and consultation by experienced doctors and each package is tailored to suit the needs of an individual.

Is outside food allowed into the hospital?

Outside medicines and foods are not allowed within hospital premises. Patient meals are served as per instruction of the doctor and dietician.

Is Mediclaim policy accepted at your hospital?

Yes, empanelled TPA's & insurance Companies are accepted at the hospitals.

Does the hospital have 24x7 emergency care services?

Yes, 24 x 7 Emergency care service is available at the hospitals.

Is Dialysis facility available?

Yes, Dialysis facility is available at ILS Hospitals Agartala and ILS Hospitals Dumdum.

Is advance payment must for an emergency case?

During emergency every minute is vital so the admission is done immediately without any advance deposit money and the patient is taken under medical observation.

How the bed charges are calculated?

Bed charges are calculated as per 24 hour basis from the time of admission.

Working hours of Admission and Billing section?

Admission and Billing section functions 24x7.

What are the required documents for admission?

The mainly required documents are Prescription of any previous treatment, Diagnostic test reports, Details of all medicine & dosages of the patient, Patient id proof, insurance or medical benefit card or proof.

What is PCOD?

Many young girls and women suffering from multiple cyst in ovaries, Irregular periods, acne, facial hair. This is due to hormonal imbalance, unhealthy eating habits (fast food), lack of exercise, sudden weight gain. Losing weight, healthy diet shall revert this condition and these cyst will disappear.

Will PCOD result in infertility?

Yes, if it is not reverted, it can lead to infertility. So better control it before you get married. After marriage do not delay pregnancy if you have PCOD. Tell your doctor.

Long term side effects of PCOD?

If left untreated then one can get diabetes, Endometrial cancer or Breast cancer & heart disease.

Does PCOD require surgical correction?

No, it does not require surgical correction if it responds to medicines. Only if medicines do not work then laparoscopic drilling may correct this condition.

What are the causes of heavy periods in a women over 35 years?

There are numerous cause leading to heavy periods before menopause. It could be due to Fibroids or extra growth of muscles of the uterus (adenomyosis) or due to chocolate cyst ovary where blood accumulates in ovaries. At times the inner lining of the uterus becomes thick leading to heavy bleeding. Need not worry. They can all be treated by micro surgery or laparoscopic surgery now a days. Only 1-2 days hospital stay.

Do we have to remove uterus for fibroids?

No, it is not done if you want to preserve uterus and want more children. Only if you have completed your family and have more then 2-3 fibroids and nearing menopause then it is better to remove the uterus.

Can uterus removal be done via laparoscopy?

Yes, it can be easily and safely removed by laparoscopic surgery. One can go home after 48 hours. No bed rest required after laparoscopic surgery. Can join office in 7 days.

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