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The term Orthodontics comes from 2 Greek words, namely orthos, and odont, meaning straight and tooth respectively. Thus, Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that specifically deals with diagnosis and correction of malpositioned teeth and often the jaws too. With timely efforts, these deformities can also be prevented to even onset.

Daily habits of chewing and biting can lead to malposition of teeth, particularly in kids and, thereby, children around the 7 are highly susceptible to it. Moreover accidental injuries and congenital defects can also lead to severe malaligned teeth or jaw.

Some of the most common orthodontic problems are as follows

  • Abnormal eruption – One or more tooth erupts from other parts of the oral cavity
  • Crowding – One of more teeth grows abnormally due to the insufficient spacing between upper and lower jaws
  • Excessive spacing – The spacing between the teeth is much larger than usual to fit extra space (due to loss of one or more tooth)
  • Crossbite – One or more upper teeth bite inside the lower bite in contrast to the outside.
  • Open Bite – Both jaws do not close it while biting
  • Overbite – The upper bite is too deep down over the lower
  • Underbite – The lower bite extends and covers the upper bite partially
  • Overjet – The upper bite protrudes too high

At ILS Hospitals, we cure Orthodontics malposition with high accuracy.

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