A Brief Introduction of Breast Cancer

After attaining puberty, a women’s breast develops fat, lobules, connective tissues and glands to produce milk for breastfeeding. After the onset of cancer, the cells keep multiplying uncontrollably and starts spreading after a certain point of time, to its nearby tissues as well. Breast cancer is the most common kind of cancer among women.

Men can be affected by breast cancer as well, though the count is very little as compared to that of women. Several times, the genetics plays an important role towards its prevalence, but many times, the culprit is the sedentary lifestyle. It can be addressed with chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgical approach.

Breast Cancer

Types of breast cancer

There are mainly two kinds of breast cancer. Invasive and non-invasive breast cancer. In the prior case, the cancer cell breaks out from the inside of ducts and thus the risk of its spread remains significantly high. The latter condition is the opposite and is termed when the cells remain at the origin of the outbreak. If it is left untreated, over a period of time, it develops into invasive cancer anyways.

Symptoms of breast cancer

The primary symptom of a breast cancer is characterized by the developing either a thick tissue or a lump in the breast or armpit. Secondary symptoms comprise of one or more of the following-

  1. Pain in the breast or in an armpit, which does correlate with the monthly cycle.
  2. An inverted or sunken nipple.
  3. Redness of the breast skin
  4. Discharge blood or other fluid from the nipple
  5. Rash on the nipple, or around it
  6. Change of size or shape of breast irrelevant to the monthly cycle
  7. Scaling or flaking of the nipple or the breast skin


Initiative on this world Breast cancer awareness month

Breast cancer awareness month

On this breast cancer awareness month, we, at ILS Hospitals encourage every woman to step up and seek breast examination at least once annually, to keep the risks of breast cancer at bay. We also, motivate every adult women to learn and practice self-breast examination every three to six month and keep an eye on any growth on the breast or under the armpit. Women with either a personal medical history or family history of previous lumps or cancer are requested to be-be extremely cautious regarding the same. Going for a mammogram is often recommended by a gynaecologist.

Several of the lumps of the breast are not cancerous. However, in case of any doubt, it is best to get it checked by a physician as soon as possible.

How ILS Hospitals Contributes Towards Elder’s Health and Well Being

As Gary Snyder has rightly said, “In Western Civilization, our elders are books.” but definitely this does not hold true for every generation in every corner of the world. Unfortunately, not every elder gets adequate medical attention. In fact, finding a well-qualified geriatric specialist is often a tiresome job, if you don’t know where to look for. To address the gap between the elderly medical complication and their reliable treatment, ILS Hospitals are taking a unique initiative.

ILS hospitals are offering ILS Sparsh and ‘Care of Senior Citizen’ health package for the elderly people of our nation. Let’s explore them both in details, how these package and initiative improves the overall health of the elderly people.

ILS Sparsh

Not every elder lives with their family of children and grandchildren. Thus, getting to a hospital often becomes a challenging task in itself. Thus the initiative ‘ILS Sparsh’ is a big relief, as it collects the samples for screening at the doorsteps itself along with delivering the report and routine check-ups by a physician.

It offers the following special services for its patients.

– 15% Discount on all OPD Investigations
– 10% Discount on health check-up packages
– 10% Discount on IP services excluding medicines, consumables and doctor’s fees.
– Physician visit at home for general check-up and consultation, once in 2 months
– Blood Sugar (fasting), blood pressure & weight check-up at home, every month
– Sample collection & report delivery at doorstep, once in every month
– Free ambulance service, if hospitalized in ILS Hospitals
– Priority for admission to the cardholders

ILS Sparsh

Care of Senior Citizen

This health check-up package is fabricated by keeping the needs of an elder in mind. These screenings include-

  1. Complete Haemogram with ESR
  2. Total Cholesterol
  3. Random Blood Sugar
  4. Pap Smear / PSA (Women/Men)
  5. Serum Creatinine
  6. Urea
  7. ECG
  8. Echocardiography Screening
  9. Chest X-Ray PA View
  10. USG Whole Abdomen screening
  11. Eye Screening
  12. Dental Screening

Care of Senior Citizen

The package also comprises of a consultation from a Physician. Thus, it ensures that the patient and their family gets a full disclosure of the screenings and their interception on their life. In case, a particular aspect needs special attention, the doctor can investigate further.

On the occasion of World Elderly Day, ILS Hospitals encourages every individual to take care of the elderly people in their home and get them every medical attention they need.

What Is Patient’s Right and How ILS Hospitals Contribute?

Being a preacher is hard, being a parent is even harder. However, there is one status that can be easily earned, i.e. being a patient. One morning you are doing fine, suddenly you get drenched in rain and in the evening get a sore throat that worsens overnight, and now you are a patient who needs immediate medical attention to get back to healthier self. In the hour of medical emergencies, you mostly tend to follow the doctors and the staffs of the healthcare system.

However, ILS Hospitals gives you an additional advantage and ensure that you get quality treatment. They provide a standard patient’s right. Patient’s right is a set of rules that ensure transparency between the patient party and the health caregivers. In India, however, not many people are aware of the same, the main reason being the fact that not all hospitals and clinics offer the same.

Patient's Care - ILS Hospitals

We believe that trust and hope is as important as medicines for recovery and good health. Thus, we provide a set of patient’s right for the same. The followings are the patients’ right we offer to anyone who seeks treatment in our institution-

Patient Rights

  1. Right to Impartial access to care
  2. Right to Respect & Dignity
  3. Right to Privacy & Confidentiality
  4. Right to personal safety & Security
  5. Right to know the identity & Professional status of the Care giver
  6. Right to informed participation in Decision involving his/her care
  7. Right to refuse treatment
  8. Right to go for 2nd opinion
  9. Right to be informed of Hospital rules & regulation
  10. Right to information on how to file a complaint
  11. Right to explanation for all items charged in Bill
  12. Right to access medical record

While talking about right, another important aspect that is correlated to the same is the responsibility. Unlike the prior set of guidelines, these are to be followed and respected from the patient’s side for establishing an effective system.

Patient's Care - ILS Hospitals

Patient information/guidelines

  1. Following the rule and regulation of the Hospital
  2. Providing complete & accurate information about your past illness, medical history, allergies etc.
  3. Following the treatment plan recommended by your care givers
  4. You are responsible for outcomes if you do not follow the instruction or treatment suggested by your care giver.
  5. Paying your bills promptly
  6. Misbehaving with hospital staffs or mishandling hospital’s asset is a punishable offense by IPC
  7. Notify your care giver if you do not understand the instruction

Having the patient’s right strengthens the assurance of patients towards receiving a better treatment and encourages us, the healthcare party to improve and deliver the best possible treatment.

Gyneacology – Why go for ‘Well Women Package’?

Women are the nurturer of the world and true architect of the society. But sadly, most of them ignore their health for a major part of their life. According to Gynecologists of ILS Hospitals, the prime reason for overlooking medical needs are ignorance and taboo. Several women open up their physical discomfort and pain only when it becomes intolerable and reaches the chronic stage and unfortunately, only a little can be done about it.

Thus, we looked into this as a serious issue and came up with an affordable and complete health checkup package for every woman in India.

So what is the ‘well women’ health package?

Introduced by us at ILS Hospitals, it is a complete healthcare package for women. It covers all essential screenings that are required to ensure proper health. The well women package consists of the following screening-

  1. Complete haemogram with ESR profile
  2. PAP smear
  3. Blood sugar profile (fasting)
  4. Thyroid profile
  5. Urine test
  6. Mammography for women over 40 years
  7. USG breast screening for women below 40 years
  8. Chest X-ray
  9. ECG
  10. USG of entire abdominal cavity

Apart from the diagnosis and result, a consultation with the gynecologist helps to properly decode the reports, so the patient can get a clear picture of her health status. Also it helps the doctors to understand the patient’s health stability and which aspect of their health needs more attention.

Well Women Package - ILS Hospitals

Why it is recommended?

Proper diagnosis ensures the health status of the patient. If any abnormality is observed, its proper treatment can be sought as soon as possible. Usually it is found among women that they do not seek any medical help, let it be screening or consultation until they face some difficulties. This mindset needs to change, the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment must be impregnated in the mind of the society to build a healthy future.

Who are qualified to avail these?

Ideally, every woman should have it at least once in a year, starting from her mid-30s. But according to Gynecologists of ILS Hospitals, a lady should not delay it further than 45 years of age.

Well Women Package - ILS Hospitals

Why choose ILS Hospitals?

Several health care providers in Kolkata offer women checkup packages. But going for a ‘well woman checkup’ at ILS Hospitals is the best choice, not only from an economic point of view, but also because it consists of the precise set of screening which is needed to ensure proper health. We, at ILS Hospitals, understand that every woman is unique in her own way and has special needs, and thus offer appropriate consultation according to individual needs.