Risks Of Untreated Clinical Depression And Why You Should Seek Help In Time

We all have experienced depression from time to time and thankfully, we often are able to come out of it with our will and little help from friends and family. But the term clinical depression is something can that needs extensive medical treatment from an expert psychiatrist. Let’s check out the risks of the same if it is left untreated.

1. Suicide

The most feared risk of untreated depression is suicide. It includes having suicidal thought as well. Many individuals start looking for ways to end their life, or might also picture them carrying it out too. Though being involved in violence is somewhat rare, severely depressed individuals can cause harm to others as well, if they are provoked or evoked.

2. Self Injury

Several individuals engage in self-injury in order to cope with their depression. It includes hitting head on the walls or hard surfaces, burning, clawing, skinning, cutting or ingesting some toxic substance. In such cases, even when some individual is not actually considering suicide, these harmful activities can result in severe injury or even death, accidentally.

3. Addiction

It is not uncommon to find people drink or smoke or even take drugs to cope up with their depression. For clinical depression, this addiction becomes even worse. Such individuals try to subdue their consciousness with substance abuse. This, in turn, can bring many medical threats to them. In many cases, its overuse has been found to lead towards death and deterioration of health.

4. Poor Performance

As depression makes people drenched out of energy, make them unable to focus or even perform the capability, it is almost inevitable to find its result in everyday life. Let it be academic or workplace performance, the results often are too poor as compared to normal.

5. Reckless Behavior

Depression might make people let their guards down, as they are not certain they want a better tomorrow. These individuals might engage in action without considering their consequences. It includes reckless driving, doing dangerous recreational activities, etc.

6. Relationship Issues

Depression deteriorates personal relations the most. It causes rifts, fights, hopelessness in a relationship and affects their family’s mental health as well. For married people, it can lead to even separation or divorce. When such individuals also have children, it dis-balance their growth and emotional health drastically.

7. Poor Health

Depression leads to many health complications, some directly and some indirectly. For instance, insomnia and fatigue directly result from depression and long term depression can give rise to weight gain, high cholesterol and other complications.

Can Depression Be Cured With Timely Treatment

Thankfully, yes! Treatment for depression includes sessions with expert psychiatrists, group session, medicines and shock treatment in severe cases.

On behalf of ILS Hospitals, we would like every individual to evaluate their mental health once in a while, just like they do for their physical health. Remember, the depression is just a phase that can be overcome with help, modern medicines are more than capable of resolving it for good if it is availed at the right time.

Small Guide to Mental Disorder – Depression and Anxiety

We can pursue a healthy and happy life not only by being physically fit but mentally as well. When we are free of depression, stress, and anxiety we live more happily. Our mind reacts differently to different courses of the event and as per which, our feeling fluctuates. People with depression and anxiety are likely to be the victim of many other physical and mental hazards of which they might not be conscious of. Physical issues such as heart disease, ulcers, colitis etc.

It was discovered that a severe mental health could be as menacing as cancer, which is strenuous to treat. To spread this information across the globe, an initiative, known as World Mental Health Day was taken by the WHO which was first celebrated in 1992 at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health.


It was found to create awareness of how important is our mental health just as our physical health. When it comes to mental health the most common problem we find is depression and anxiety, which has decoyed almost all the normal people into its clutch. Here, you are going to discover why mental health is a thing of concern. The following point listed will give light to the above context:

Mental health strengthens and supports our ability to:

  1. Healthy Relationships: Relationship only not only with your spouse but all also with your parents, siblings, friends, and people around you. A peaceful and happy mind always think and look forward to positive vibes. An unhappy person will feel it difficult to connect with people around him/her.
  2. Right Choices: When we have a healthy mood we make our decision with our full consciousness and don’t make any wrong judgment over anything. Hence, any decision taken in an unhealthy mood can bring us more trouble.
  3. Well-being: An unhealthy mind also leads to many physical issues. Although different people show different reactions such as severe depression may result in either in weight loss or gain, reduces hunger, and sometimes panic attacks. Therefore, a mentally fit person will be distant from these issues.
  4. Acceptance: A mentally fit person will accept the natural ups and downs of a physical body and as well as the fluctuating situation which life threw us in.
  5. Leads Addiction: Depression and anxiety can also lead a man to get addicted to smoking, drinking, drugs etc. which will further result in increasing physical health hazards.
  6. Workplace: A bad mental health can also have a bad impact at our workplace. An irritated and exhausted temper can create conflict among members or might make a presentation inefficient.


Different types of mental disorders?

Depression and anxiety are the most common disorder found in almost every individual at some part of life. Now let us have a look at the other different types of mental disorders. They are given below:

  1. Mood disorders (such as depression and bipolar disorder)
  2. Psychotic disorders (such as schizophrenia)
  3. Eating disorders
  4. Trauma-related disorders (such as post-traumatic stress disorder)
  5. Substance abuse disorders

Mental Disorder

Tips to overcome depression and anxiety

The remedial measures may differ from person to person as every individual has their level of satisfaction. The remedies to fight depression is given below:

  1. Meditation
  2. Travel to your favorite place
  3. Limit your time on social media
  4. Set goals
  5. Listen to music
  6. Dance like an insane
  7. Eat healthy
  8. Workout regularly
  9. Give importance to people who deserve them and not who you want to
  10. Eat chocolate or have cappuccino
  11. Be an active volunteer
  12. Spend time with loved once
  13. Share your feeling or write it down
  14. Watch movies
  15. Live scheduled life
  16. Take adequate sleep

Overcome Mental Disorder

Therefore, these tips might help you get rid of depression may not at an instance but will bring changes to your current situations. Although if you have tried almost all the above-mentioned remedies but still can’t help yourself, well, then it is suggested to get yourself checked by a Psychiatrists. It is proofed that a person who has been seen from a doctor tend to visit the doctor less than those who never did. Consult a Psychiatrist for more information.

A Brief Introduction of Depression

We all spend our lives between phases of happiness and sadness and obviously in between several shades of the mentioned emotions. A state of extreme happiness is euphoria and usually does not ring any alarm but the state of extreme grief or sadness, however, is called depression and it can cause some serious damage if not addressed on time.

Sadly, many myths surround depression, its treatment, and cure. And thus, many do not seek medical treatment for it in the best hospitals in Kolkata. Moreover, several individuals do not consult the treatment for the recommended time period and thus, often does not make full recovery and relapse due to the same in future.


Several people assume depression as a made up illness, ruling it out altogether from the list of medical problems itself. For them, it is a mood fluctuation that does not affect the overall physical or mental health or ability. However, it has been found that an individual suffering from clinical depression, might lose functionality in several aspects.

Another group believes that depression resolves on its own. Well, since anything is possible, it may be true for those with exceptional willpower, but for the rest, sadly it is not. Professional help, individual or group therapy are often required to cure the individual out of clinical depression. However, a handful of the reformed patients recommends making lifestyle changes, medication, yoga, and spiritual guidance can make a significant change and also empower them to deal with it in future.

Clinical Depression

There’s yet another group of people who do count depression as an illness and believes that it does not resolve on its own. Though it might appear like a sensible class of people, sadly, they believe no drug in the medical world can cure an illness of mind and mood. However, thankfully, in this era, medical science has ways to treat most of the problem. And depression is no exception. After ruling out the possibility of the thyroid through physical examination, an actual depression can be effectively addressed through medication.

In fact, about 80% patients respond positively to treatment. The remaining patients are musty those who discontinue treatment in between and relapse again. Thus, in a nutshell, depression is a very real medical illness and more people suffers from it than they admit it openly. But with medical help, it can be treated completely. Thankfully many hospitals in Kolkata offer best treatment for the same.