Signs To Tell If Someone Is Thinking About Suicide

Is there someone you know exhibiting strange behavior recently? Is your hunch telling you something might go wrong? Don’t ignore these warning signs as these could be warning symptoms of suicide. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death all over the world. Thankfully, suicide is not an illness, and it is preventable with timely measures. Here we present a few tips suggested by psychiatrists to spot if someone is considering suicide.

Unpredictable mood – Periods of long-term sadness, severe mood swings, unexplainable rage or happiness is a very common symptom of severe mental depression and confusion, sometimes are closely associated with suicide. In such cases, the family should offer their support and encourage communication.

Change In Sleep Pattern – Due to a disturbed mind, it is often inevitable to have a disruptive sleeping pattern. It includes sleeping too much, or too little, sleeping multiple times in a day, and feeling lethargic even after adequate sleep.

Giving Away their possessions Or Money – Passing on their favorite possessions, or money that they still use or might need in the future is an alarming sign of suicidal tendency. The one receiving them or witnessing this, must consult and support the person immediately.

Bidding Goodbyes – Biding goodbyes either in person or through some nonverbal medium, in a way that appears they will never meet again is yet another alarming sign of suicidal tendency. The people involved in these farewells must make sure to keep an eye on them.

Withdrawing From Peers – If someone is suddenly withdrawing from their peers, who otherwise love to stay among people is a sign of severe depression. It should be noted by close friends and offer encouragement for a positive approach.

Dangerous Or Self-Harming Actions – Reckless driving, engaging in dangerous recreational activities like bungee jumping and other activities that demonstrate the person no longer value their life should raise red flags immediately. The person should be confronted soon and helped to seek counseling from a psychiatrist.

Experiencing a recent trauma such as loss of a loved one due to divorce, diagnosis of an illness, and several other factors such as unemployment, financial crisis etc. are often the triggering factor for suicide. Almost 9 out of 10 people who eventually kill themselves gives a verbal or behavioral warning beforehand. By recognizing these symptoms and taking actions, the same can be prevented.

Since 2003, every 10th September has been observed as the World Suicide Prevention Day. It aims to encourage people with suicidal tendencies to seek help from their families, and friends. One should recognize these warning signs and address the society with this issue as a whole. In case you find these symptoms in any friends, family, neighbors, friend, or colleague, don’t hesitate to ask about their thoughts and recommend counseling and help.

Small Guide to Mental Disorder – Depression and Anxiety

We can pursue a healthy and happy life not only by being physically fit but mentally as well. When we are free of depression, stress, and anxiety we live more happily. Our mind reacts differently to different courses of the event and as per which, our feeling fluctuates. People with depression and anxiety are likely to be the victim of many other physical and mental hazards of which they might not be conscious of. Physical issues such as heart disease, ulcers, colitis etc.

It was discovered that a severe mental health could be as menacing as cancer, which is strenuous to treat. To spread this information across the globe, an initiative, known as World Mental Health Day was taken by the WHO which was first celebrated in 1992 at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health.


It was found to create awareness of how important is our mental health just as our physical health. When it comes to mental health the most common problem we find is depression and anxiety, which has decoyed almost all the normal people into its clutch. Here, you are going to discover why mental health is a thing of concern. The following point listed will give light to the above context:

Mental health strengthens and supports our ability to:

  1. Healthy Relationships: Relationship only not only with your spouse but all also with your parents, siblings, friends, and people around you. A peaceful and happy mind always think and look forward to positive vibes. An unhappy person will feel it difficult to connect with people around him/her.
  2. Right Choices: When we have a healthy mood we make our decision with our full consciousness and don’t make any wrong judgment over anything. Hence, any decision taken in an unhealthy mood can bring us more trouble.
  3. Well-being: An unhealthy mind also leads to many physical issues. Although different people show different reactions such as severe depression may result in either in weight loss or gain, reduces hunger, and sometimes panic attacks. Therefore, a mentally fit person will be distant from these issues.
  4. Acceptance: A mentally fit person will accept the natural ups and downs of a physical body and as well as the fluctuating situation which life threw us in.
  5. Leads Addiction: Depression and anxiety can also lead a man to get addicted to smoking, drinking, drugs etc. which will further result in increasing physical health hazards.
  6. Workplace: A bad mental health can also have a bad impact at our workplace. An irritated and exhausted temper can create conflict among members or might make a presentation inefficient.


Different types of mental disorders?

Depression and anxiety are the most common disorder found in almost every individual at some part of life. Now let us have a look at the other different types of mental disorders. They are given below:

  1. Mood disorders (such as depression and bipolar disorder)
  2. Psychotic disorders (such as schizophrenia)
  3. Eating disorders
  4. Trauma-related disorders (such as post-traumatic stress disorder)
  5. Substance abuse disorders

Mental Disorder

Tips to overcome depression and anxiety

The remedial measures may differ from person to person as every individual has their level of satisfaction. The remedies to fight depression is given below:

  1. Meditation
  2. Travel to your favorite place
  3. Limit your time on social media
  4. Set goals
  5. Listen to music
  6. Dance like an insane
  7. Eat healthy
  8. Workout regularly
  9. Give importance to people who deserve them and not who you want to
  10. Eat chocolate or have cappuccino
  11. Be an active volunteer
  12. Spend time with loved once
  13. Share your feeling or write it down
  14. Watch movies
  15. Live scheduled life
  16. Take adequate sleep

Overcome Mental Disorder

Therefore, these tips might help you get rid of depression may not at an instance but will bring changes to your current situations. Although if you have tried almost all the above-mentioned remedies but still can’t help yourself, well, then it is suggested to get yourself checked by a Psychiatrists. It is proofed that a person who has been seen from a doctor tend to visit the doctor less than those who never did. Consult a Psychiatrist for more information.