4 Most Common Types Of Reconstruction Surgeries

Reconstruction surgery, as the term clearly indicates, is a surgical procedure that addresses and corrects body deformities, that can happen either due to accidental injury, congenital defects or any other illness, including cancer.

Here we present some of the most common reconstruction surgeries.

Hand And Feet Reconstruction Surgery

These surgical procedures are helpful to correct deformities in hands and feet. These are done mostly in order to correct webbed feet, remove extra digits and other congenital defects. Also, these are quite useful to reconstruct the deformities caused by hand and feet cancers. Moreover, any injury or trauma to hand and feet can also be addressed through these surgical procedures.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

These are a few types of cosmetic surgery, such as breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction surgery, breast lift surgery and all. Though many people believe that breast surgeries are just for enhancing the beauty and more attractive body contour, breast reconstruction surgery is quite useful after a mastectomy (surgical removal of breasts to treat cancer), both physically and psychologically.

Cleft Lip And Palate Repair Surgery

Cleft lip and palate are the two most common congenital defects in babies. These two defects can either occur separately or together. It requires reconstruction surgery to correct these. In fact, in case these repair surgery is availed at a young age, the scars almost get dissolved by the time the child reaches around the age of puberty.


Rhinoplasty is more commonly known as nose-job. It is a cosmetic surgery that fixes the deformity and corrects a misshaped nose. Though it is often considered only to improvise the facial feature of the individual, rhinoplasty does more than that. A misaligned nose can also lead to hindrance in breathing, making rhinoplasty a crucial procedure.

Apart from these reconstruction surgeries, having scar revision, microsurgery and flap procedure is quite common as well. Scar revisions are done in order to enhance the natural appearance of skin, which has been scarred either due to any surgical procedure or accident. The microsurgery and flap procedure, on the other hand, is done in order to replace the skin of the body that has been damaged due to accident, illness or surgery.

Even if, reconstruction surgery might not be able to restore the exact appearance of any body part or a scar, it improvises overall appearance significantly. Thus it helps the individual both physically, aesthetically and psychologically.

4 Most Common Types of Reconstructive Surgery

Though as per most common beliefs, cosmetic surgery solely comprises the procedures that aim to improve the body appearance, there is much more to it. The domain of reconstructive surgery deals with the surgical procedures to correct and restore the body parts. Minor procedures of several organs can be done through general surgeries and gynaecological surgeries as well, but complicated cases are always referred to a cosmetic surgeon.

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It is often done to correct physical malfunctions present since the time of birth, known as congenital conditions. But mostly, it is done to correct the physical deformities that result due to some accident, injury or illness.

Let’s discuss a few most common reconstructive procedures-

1. Breast Reconstructive Procedures

These surgeries restore the basic shape of either one or both breasts. This is usually meant for the women who undergo mastectomy, mostly due to cancer. The surgery is also recommended for women with exceptionally large breast and suffers severe back pain and other associated illnesses due to it.

Men who suffer from breast cancer and undergo surgery may also undergo this surgery to restore their chest contour.

2. Skin Grafting

Cuts and burns of severe degree often need surgical correction rather than only ointments or lotions. Skin grafting involves removal of damaged skin and replacing it with a layer of healthy skin tissue, either from one’s own body or from a suitable donor.

3. Hand and Feet Surgery

These surgeries are mostly done for the patients with some deformities in hands/ feet due to, accident or congenital condition. This primarily restores the balance and functions, closely followed by its normal appearance.

It is also done for the people with webbed toes/finger or who are born with extra finger/toe.

4. Facial Surgery

These surgeries are mostly done for patients with congenital defects such as cleft lip and cleft palate. However, it can also be availed to correct damage caused by sinuses and as scar revision surgery.

These cosmetic surgeries not only restore the physical appearance of the organs but also ensures its functionality. In a nutshell, it is a life-giving surgery domain that helps the people to live their life to its fullest, even when any severe injury deforms the body parts due to the accident, or illness. However, it is always recommended to avail these specifically from expert cosmetic surgeons to get the best possible result.

The Major Types Of Cosmetic Surgery In The Twentieth Century

The history of medical surgery dates back as early as 500 BC, though the exact timeline is a matter of debate. So, several people believe cosmetic surgery to be extremely recent.

However, it is very far from the actual fact. Multiple records prove that the domain of plastic and cosmetic surgery has existed in the world since a long time.

However, with the time, it has improved a lot. Presently, in India, it is one of the most frequent elective surgical procedures and cosmetic surgery is solving several aesthetic issues with the surgical approach.

Cosmetic Surgery

Here we present the list of the most prevalent plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures in Kolkata-

  1. Rhinoplasty- Most commonly known as the nose job. It changes the appearance of the nose.
  2. Rhytidectomy- It is a Facelift procedure that tightens the jowls and neck.
  3. Facial Implants- It tightens the facial features and makes the cheek or chin look more prominent.
  4. Blepharoplasty- It is the procedure to tightening the eyelid.
  5. Breast Reconstruction- Rebuilds the breast after diseases like cancer
  6. Changing Breast size and appearance– Enhances or reducing the size of the breast
  7. Mastopexy- Tightens the skin of the breast to improve the contour
  8. Gynecomastia- Resection reduces the size of large breasts in men and improves chest contour.
  9. Liposuction- It removes extra fat from the fat zones such as hips, thighs, buttocks, belly etc
  10. Abdominoplasty- It is more commonly known as tummy tuck. It removes extra fat and thereafter tightens the skin.
  11. Mini-Abdominoplasty- A similar surgery like the previous one. It removes the lower abdominal pouching
  12. Skin resurfacing- Smoothes the skin with the help of laser, or other similar techniques
  13. Hair transplantation- Treats pattern baldness of both male and female.
  14. Arm lift- It tightens the skin layer of the upper arm and fixes any lose skin bags
  15. Otoplasty- Ear pin back. It brings the ears closer to the head
  16. Scar revision surgery- Improves the appearance of scars

A plastic or cosmetic surgery is the surgical approach that helps to alter the contour and appearance of the body and improvise the physical attributes. As a result, the self-esteem and mental image changes as well and overall, it helps the individual to lead a more confident life ahead.