Is Your Child Born With A Cleft Lip And / Or Cleft Palate? Here Is What You Need To Do!

Was your child born with cleft lip and/or cleft palate? Are you worried about what to do? You are not alone. Cleft lip/palate is the most common congenital defect among babies all over the world. Thankfully, almost every child undergoing the cosmetic surgery for the same makes full recovery with extremely minute or no scar at all.

Your baby’s lip and palate formation occur in the early stages of pregnancy itself. Cleft lip is the medical condition in which the upper lip is underdeveloped. Similarly, cleft palate is the counterpart condition, in which the upper root of the mouth is underdeveloped. These conditions each can arise, either as unilateral (only in one side) or bilateral (in both sides). Each of these complications can either be incomplete (the cavity does not elongate to the nose) or complete (the cavity elongates to the nose).

Cosmetic Surgery

A child might have either of these conditions or both at the time of birth. Both these conditions lead to the formation of cavities of the facial structure that causes hindrance to the functionality of the organ and the overall aesthetic of the person. These conditions collectively lead to air leakage into the nasal cavity and as a result causes nasal spilling and nasal voice during talking. If left untreated, the child might develop speech disorders along with difficulty in breathing, eating and even hearing.

The cosmetic surgeries, namely the cleft lip repair and cleft palate repair these conditions along with its associated complications as well. Through these surgeries, a flap of skins are placed and secured on the site and with time, it entirely coagulates to restore its normal appearance and function. It is mostly recommended for the child at a very early age, between 2 to 12 months after the birth. In high-risk cases, the doctor waits until the baby grows up a little to recommend surgical corrections.

A surgery availed at an early age shows maximum benefits in the recovery from cleft defects. It not only ensures timely growth but also bears no sign of this surgery when the child reaches the age of 7-8 years. Moreover, it ensures your child does not suffer psychological trauma from being ‘different than others’ or face discrimination.

In case, your baby is born with any/both of these cleft defects, get in touch without paediatric surgeons and help your baby live the life you gave to her, to its fullest.

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The Major Types Of Cosmetic Surgery In The Twentieth Century

The history of medical surgery dates back as early as 500 BC, though the exact timeline is a matter of debate. So, several people believe cosmetic surgery to be extremely recent.

However, it is very far from the actual fact. Multiple records prove that the domain of plastic and cosmetic surgery has existed in the world since a long time.

However, with the time, it has improved a lot. Presently, in India, it is one of the most frequent elective surgical procedures and cosmetic surgery is solving several aesthetic issues with the surgical approach.

Cosmetic Surgery

Here we present the list of the most prevalent plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures in Kolkata-

  1. Rhinoplasty- Most commonly known as the nose job. It changes the appearance of the nose.
  2. Rhytidectomy- It is a Facelift procedure that tightens the jowls and neck.
  3. Facial Implants- It tightens the facial features and makes the cheek or chin look more prominent.
  4. Blepharoplasty- It is the procedure to tightening the eyelid.
  5. Breast Reconstruction- Rebuilds the breast after diseases like cancer
  6. Changing Breast size and appearance– Enhances or reducing the size of the breast
  7. Mastopexy- Tightens the skin of the breast to improve the contour
  8. Gynecomastia- Resection reduces the size of large breasts in men and improves chest contour.
  9. Liposuction- It removes extra fat from the fat zones such as hips, thighs, buttocks, belly etc
  10. Abdominoplasty- It is more commonly known as tummy tuck. It removes extra fat and thereafter tightens the skin.
  11. Mini-Abdominoplasty- A similar surgery like the previous one. It removes the lower abdominal pouching
  12. Skin resurfacing- Smoothes the skin with the help of laser, or other similar techniques
  13. Hair transplantation- Treats pattern baldness of both male and female.
  14. Arm lift- It tightens the skin layer of the upper arm and fixes any lose skin bags
  15. Otoplasty- Ear pin back. It brings the ears closer to the head
  16. Scar revision surgery- Improves the appearance of scars

A plastic or cosmetic surgery is the surgical approach that helps to alter the contour and appearance of the body and improvise the physical attributes. As a result, the self-esteem and mental image changes as well and overall, it helps the individual to lead a more confident life ahead.