4 Most Common Types Of Reconstruction Surgeries

Reconstruction surgery, as the term clearly indicates, is a surgical procedure that addresses and corrects body deformities, that can happen either due to accidental injury, congenital defects or any other illness, including cancer.

Here we present some of the most common reconstruction surgeries.

Hand And Feet Reconstruction Surgery

These surgical procedures are helpful to correct deformities in hands and feet. These are done mostly in order to correct webbed feet, remove extra digits and other congenital defects. Also, these are quite useful to reconstruct the deformities caused by hand and feet cancers. Moreover, any injury or trauma to hand and feet can also be addressed through these surgical procedures.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

These are a few types of cosmetic surgery, such as breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction surgery, breast lift surgery and all. Though many people believe that breast surgeries are just for enhancing the beauty and more attractive body contour, breast reconstruction surgery is quite useful after a mastectomy (surgical removal of breasts to treat cancer), both physically and psychologically.

Cleft Lip And Palate Repair Surgery

Cleft lip and palate are the two most common congenital defects in babies. These two defects can either occur separately or together. It requires reconstruction surgery to correct these. In fact, in case these repair surgery is availed at a young age, the scars almost get dissolved by the time the child reaches around the age of puberty.


Rhinoplasty is more commonly known as nose-job. It is a cosmetic surgery that fixes the deformity and corrects a misshaped nose. Though it is often considered only to improvise the facial feature of the individual, rhinoplasty does more than that. A misaligned nose can also lead to hindrance in breathing, making rhinoplasty a crucial procedure.

Apart from these reconstruction surgeries, having scar revision, microsurgery and flap procedure is quite common as well. Scar revisions are done in order to enhance the natural appearance of skin, which has been scarred either due to any surgical procedure or accident. The microsurgery and flap procedure, on the other hand, is done in order to replace the skin of the body that has been damaged due to accident, illness or surgery.

Even if, reconstruction surgery might not be able to restore the exact appearance of any body part or a scar, it improvises overall appearance significantly. Thus it helps the individual both physically, aesthetically and psychologically.