Reasons For Considering Joint Replacement Surgery

Do you often complain of joint pain, especially of hips and knees? Your pain medicines are not working anymore? Then perhaps it is time for you to consider for a more reliable treatment for the same. Orthopedic clinics often find people approaching them with a complaint of intolerable pain and discomfort. At some point, it becomes an utter necessity to operate at the earliest convenience.

So, today we offer some tips on how to determine when you should consider getting joint replacement surgery. Though the symptoms and difficulties might vary from person to person, the following symptoms usually remain the same.

1. Joint Pain That Keeps You Up At Night

Several times the joint pain becomes more intense during the night as compared to the day time. So, in case your joint pain becomes more intense at night that wakes you up or makes it difficult for you to fall asleep, its time for you to consider joint replacement surgery.

2. You Feel Pain While Taking Stairs

In case you are avoiding stairs as much as you can because of joint pain, you should pay more attention to it. Climbing stairs exert more strain of the joint as compared to walking on plains. Now every individual will be tired to climb too many stairs, but you should seek the medical opinion if you are experiencing pain, even for a climb of 4-5 stairs.

3. You Have Trouble Getting Up

Do you find it difficult to stand up easily, every time you sit on the floor or chair or even on the bed? You might experience pain in either one or both legs (ankle, heel, knee anywhere) and need some support to balance yourself. This is yet another alarming sign that indicates you to consider the joint replacement surgery.

4. You Have Trouble Walking

This is a severe case which usually happens if the knee pain is chronic. In simple words it means, this stage arises only when you ignore your everyday pain and discomfort for a long period. You might even be limping a little from time to time and swelling around the joints is quite common as well. Consider permanent cure immediately if rest or medicine does not work.

5. Pain That Affects Your Everyday Life

In case having a repetitive episode of pain is stopping you from doing your routine work; like going to the grocery, to the workplace or a park nearby, it is a big issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If left untreated, the thing will become worse.

6. Your Pain Management Or Medication Is No Longer Working

Applying ointment, hot water bags, tieing up crepe bandages and drinking hot milk might work for a short period, but they are not the solution for joint pain in severe cases. Moreover, for many, even the over-the-counter drugs aren’t that effective either. It is recommended to consider surgery for such individuals.

Joint replacement surgeries work wonders if they are availed from experts of some good orthopedic clinics. It not only helps to get relief but also improves mobility that contributes towards making a healthy living ahead. In case you too are suffering from the same, come at ILS Hospitals to seek consultation from expert orthopedics and avail joint replacement surgery.

Why Women Are More Prone To Osteoporosis

There are many factors that make an individual susceptible to any particular disease. Often such factors can be smoking, drinking alcohol, aging, having some underlying illness and so on. As per many orthopedic experts, women are more susceptible than men, when it comes to osteoporosis. Let’s find out the reasons why women are more likely to have osteoporosis than men.

Osteoporosis is an orthopedic condition in which the bone becomes porous. As a result, eventually, it leads towards making them weak and brittle. It can easily lead to a fracture even due minor to mild trauma or accident.

There are mainly 2 reasons for women being more susceptible to have osteoporosis.

Bone Structure

Osteoporosis often happens due to certain factors that are prominent during childhood and adolescence. Women reach their peak of bone mass growth around age 18, for men it continues to grow around the age of 20. Moreover, women have smaller bone structure as compared to men, as a result, their bone mass density is lower than that of men. These factors make women more susceptible to have orthopedic conditions.

Role Of Estrogen

The female hormone, estrogen is the main reason for the likelihood of osteoporosis in women. Estrogen keeps the fertility cycles in check. Simultaneously, it also keeps the bones healthy and strong and things work well until the time of menopause. After menopause, the hormonal level drops significantly and act as a big factor to cause low bone density.

The reason being, women keep on losing bone density after menopause. In fact, as per gynecologists, women who have menopause at a younger age are at even more risk of the same. In contrast, women having their cycles at an earlier age or the ones using contraceptive (with estrogen) often have healthier bone mass.

Moreover, having irregular periods or start having them at a much later age are also some reasons for lower bone mass than others. Apart from these, having the ovaries removed can also cause lower bone mass.

Thus it can be concluded that women are at higher risk of developing osteoporosis and often other orthopedic conditions as well. As per studies, it has been found that one out of every 2 women above the age of 50 is likely to have osteoporosis. However, that does not mean, nothing can be done to address it. Regular exercise, intaking adequate vitamin D and calcium are highly beneficial to ensure a strong bone build-up. Osteoporosis is a disease that requires timely treatment to make sure it does not result in any severe complication.

At ILS Hospitals, we offer excellent orthopedic treatment and care for people who are enduring pain and discomfort for years. It’s time to address them effectively and lead a much healthier life ahead.

Knee Problems That Require Replacement Surgeries

Long walks during some trip or an exceptionally busy day are certain to cause some discomfort in the skeletal system. Its maximum impact can be seen on the lower extremities, namely the knee and heel joints. This kind of pain and discomfort becomes inevitable during old age and in case of accident or illness that has affected the Musco-skeletal system. In fact, the number of patients seeking ortho and joint replacement surgeries these days are alarmingly high. However, there are several individuals who are dealing with such difficulties every day without being aware of the fact that most of the times it can be resolved using advance ortho replacement surgery.

Today, we are listing some knee problem that might require ortho replacement surgery, which can help improve such discomforts.

1. Knee Osteoarthritis

This illness is characterized by decaying of bone density alarmingly. As a result, it starts to make the bone structure much fragile and leads to pain and discomfort. It affects everyday activities like climbing stairs, bending, walking and sometimes even sitting and getting up. For such patients, knee replacement is a good treatment option, but along with the surgery, the patients need to modify their diet and lifestyle a little as well. This aims to strengthen the bones and mitigate the risks of bone fracture in the future.

2. Knee Effusion

Synovial fluid is a natural, thick lubricant present in the cavities of the joint. It eases movement in that region, nourishes the cartilage along with protecting and supporting the knee joints. When this fluid fails to perform its function, it leads to knee inflammation, pain, and other discomforts. It might require extensive treatment to ensure complete care for the same including surgery.

3. Accidental Trauma To Knee

Any accident, let it be a small fracture or major clash, can affect the skeletal system. It is crucial to seek treatment if any persistent discomfort is noted. In case the accidental trauma is causing some major issue, particularly in the knee joint, the doctor might advise knee replacement surely, but only after confirming the same using imaging diagnostic screenings. It is crucial to seek treatment on time, as untreated discomfort can cause some long term damage as well.

4. Bowing In Or Out

Any Musco-skeletal disease such as bowing in or out might require knee replacement surgery as well. Whether it is a birth defect or has occurred over time, it is crucial to stop suffering and evaluate your treatment options to correct it permanently.

5. Knee Inflammation

Knee inflammation is characterized by stiffness of the knee joint due to inflammation in the region. It causes pain, immobility, and discomfort. It can be resolved with mild mediation, if the inflammation is on the skin, typically over the joint. But it is due to something that is happening internally, often the knee replacement surgery might be considered.

Knee joint pain can simply on set over the course of older age. Knee replacement surgery can be advised when the knee pain seems to be an issue due to many other causes as well. This is particularly true if the knee pain does not resolve with medication and starts interfering with everyday work and activities. It is crucial to try to find out the exact cause and treatment of the knee pain.

In case, you are dealing with any of this, it’s time to consider getting an ortho and joint replacement surgery. Remember, the sooner you get it treated, the better the result it has.

Busting 6 Myths About – Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is the most common joint replacement surgery that is executed in the leading Orthopaedic clinics. Sadly, several misconceptions and myths surround the same. It’s time to burst 6 most common myths that surround knee replacement surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Fact – The success rate of both partial knee replacement surgery and total knee replacement surgery are exceptionally high. In fact, availing it from experienced doctors, through the advanced medical approach, and at a decent Orthopaedic clinic, has as high as a 95% success rate.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Fact – One can drive with much ease and comfort, within 6-8 weeks after the laparoscopic knee replacement surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Fact – It is a common and frightening misconception. Having natural movements like bending knees, or sitting on the floor can be done, with proper guidance post recovery and rehabilitation. It greatly depends upon the quality of surgery and implant.

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Knee Replacement Surgery

Fact – This happens in very rare cases when pain and discomfort arises. Usually, such cases happen, if an inexperienced doctor makes any error while implanting, but the same can be corrected accurately. Many eminent Orthopaedic clinics perform revision surgeries on outpatients, on a regular basis.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Fact – Well, often people prefer to have these replacement surgeries done for one knee at a time, mainly due to financial constraints. However, from a medical perspective, getting them both done together is not only safe but has its perks too. Just undergo the surgery in one go and no need to pause for a double recovery period either.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Fact – It greatly depends on the quality and type of surgery. While open surgery takes about a couple of months to make a complete recovery, the advanced laparoscopic surgery enables the patient to resume most of their daily work within a couple of weeks.

In a nutshell, Knee Replacement Surgery is an extremely safe and effective surgery. For most of the patients, it is a procedure that gives them a second chance to make the best out of life.

6 Superb Reason to Raise a Glass of Milk in Your Everyday Diet

You are what you eat!

This simple statement rules our lives. The diet, lifestyle, and heredity are the three main factors that contribute to our overall health. We have no control over our genes and amidst our busy lives, often we have no time to exercise routinely. So, we all must pick our food choices very carefully.

One of the best source of nutrients for everyday diet is a glass of milk, not only for the kids, but for every individuals. Let’s list out the advantages that it provides-

1. It Strengthens Your Bones

Fancy having the iron fist? Then you better start including milk in your diet soon. As per orthopaedic specialist, Milk is a rich source of calcium and sufficient dosage of calcium ensure that the bone stays healthy and keep issues such as bone decay and brittle bones at bay.

2. It Protects Your Smile

Cheese makes you smile while taking a shot, right? So does milk and other milk products in protecting that beautiful smile of yours. It protects the enamel of teeth and also reduces the chances of tooth decay and gum diseases.

3. It Offers a Diversified By-Products

Do not like milk or allergic to it? You don’t have to compromise on your health as milk offers a wide range of by-products or processed food. It includes curd, cheese, butter, yogurt, dips, sour creams. Moreover, it can be used to make frozen desserts ice creams, buttermilk, lassi etc. as well. Each of them has its own contribution towards our health.

4. It Provides Vitamin D

You don’t have to go and lie down under the scorching sun to absorb vitamin D if you are routinely consuming milk in your diet. Moreover, it also replenishes your body and keeps it nourished.

5. It is a Complete Product

It is the one food that contains everything – carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. It comes as no surprise that infants are prescribed to have their mother’s milk alone, not even water during the initial 6 months.

6. It Can Be Processed Accordingly

Do not want the extra layers of cream in your glass of milk? Go for the skimmed milk and still enjoy the other benefits the milk offers. Moreover, options like soya milk and soybean milk are available in the market as well, you cannot have dairy milk altogether.

World Milk Day

In a nutshell, a glass of milk certainly belongs to your everyday diet, so, on this World Milk Day, 1st June, let’s ‘raise a glass’ too and take a step towards a healthier tomorrow. Cheers!!