6 Superb Reason to Raise a Glass of Milk in Your Everyday Diet

You are what you eat!

This simple statement rules our lives. The diet, lifestyle, and heredity are the three main factors that contribute to our overall health. We have no control over our genes and amidst our busy lives, often we have no time to exercise routinely. So, we all must pick our food choices very carefully.

One of the best source of nutrients for everyday diet is a glass of milk, not only for the kids, but for every individuals. Let’s list out the advantages that it provides-

1. It Strengthens Your Bones

Fancy having the iron fist? Then you better start including milk in your diet soon. As per orthopaedic specialist, Milk is a rich source of calcium and sufficient dosage of calcium ensure that the bone stays healthy and keep issues such as bone decay and brittle bones at bay.

2. It Protects Your Smile

Cheese makes you smile while taking a shot, right? So does milk and other milk products in protecting that beautiful smile of yours. It protects the enamel of teeth and also reduces the chances of tooth decay and gum diseases.

3. It Offers a Diversified By-Products

Do not like milk or allergic to it? You don’t have to compromise on your health as milk offers a wide range of by-products or processed food. It includes curd, cheese, butter, yogurt, dips, sour creams. Moreover, it can be used to make frozen desserts ice creams, buttermilk, lassi etc. as well. Each of them has its own contribution towards our health.

4. It Provides Vitamin D

You don’t have to go and lie down under the scorching sun to absorb vitamin D if you are routinely consuming milk in your diet. Moreover, it also replenishes your body and keeps it nourished.

5. It is a Complete Product

It is the one food that contains everything – carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. It comes as no surprise that infants are prescribed to have their mother’s milk alone, not even water during the initial 6 months.

6. It Can Be Processed Accordingly

Do not want the extra layers of cream in your glass of milk? Go for the skimmed milk and still enjoy the other benefits the milk offers. Moreover, options like soya milk and soybean milk are available in the market as well, you cannot have dairy milk altogether.

World Milk Day

In a nutshell, a glass of milk certainly belongs to your everyday diet, so, on this World Milk Day, 1st June, let’s ‘raise a glass’ too and take a step towards a healthier tomorrow. Cheers!!