How To Take Care Of Your Child’s Health

Parenting is no child’s play. It takes multiple efforts and patience from the parent’s end to raise healthy children. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders so taking care of them means ensuring a healthy future of our country.

As a parent, it’s normal to be constantly worried about your kid’s health. So, today ILS Hospitals, the best hospital in Kolkata would like to share some health tips that will ensure your child’s good health. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Serve nutritious food:

Children are picky eaters by nature which can cause problems to the parents and affect the child’s growth and development. Your children deserve adequate nutrition which they will get from fruits, vegetables, pulses, dairy, meat and nuts. Your children do not like eating nutritious foods because they find it boring. Serve healthy meals with a tasty twist. Start with a wholesome breakfast of poha, upma, oats idli, stuffed parantha, boiled eggs, whole-wheat toast and milk. Ensure to pack one fruit of any choice on your kid’s lunch box. For lunch and dinner, you can go for the basic rice, roti, dal, vegetable curries, meat, salad and so on.

2. Feed your child frequently:

Mothers usually stuff their children’s plate with foods in larger quantities. Let your child eat frequent small meals throughout the day. Instead of piling up your kid’s plate with more food allow your child to ask for a second serving. The notion is to ensure that your children eat 4-5 meals a day to get more energy and nutrition.

3. Give them a glass of milk daily:

Give your children a glass of milk daily either during the morning or evening. If your child finds it difficult to fall asleep at night then let them drink milk before going to bed.

4. Encourage good hygiene:

Teach your kids to wash their hands properly and frequently as and when required to prevent infections and diseases.

5. Pay attention to their mental well-being:

Children are sensitive. A loving environment will improve your child’s mental health. Give lots of love and support to your kids.

6. Take them to get routine health checkups:

Regular health checkups are important for your child’s good health. ILS Hospitals value your child’s health and well-being so we offer Child Health Checkup Packages in our hospital units. Our Paediatric Unit works around the clock to ensure your child’s health and mental well-being.

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The 3 Different Types Of ADHD You Should Know About

You have probably heard of the term ADHD a lot. ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. If your child or anyone in your family is hyperactive or cannot concentrate on a specific task for much time, it is possible that they might be suffering from ADHD. It is a chronic condition and most of the time, it is seen among children. It may also occur in adults, but that is very rare. A person suffering from ADHD mainly shows three types of behaviors. They are inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity. Today, on behalf of ILS Hospitals, one of the best hospitals in Kolkata, we are going to tell you the different types of ADHD.

Predominantly Inattentive ADHD

The name suggests itself that someone who has this type of ADHD has difficulty in paying attention. Some of the symptoms apart from inattentiveness are:

  • If someone does not pay much attention to details of any important task or situation.

  • Everyone makes careless mistakes, but if someone makes a lot of careless mistakes all the time, it is worrisome.

  • Due to inattentiveness, they will fail to pay attention and keep on doing the piece of task again and again.

  • Zoning out or not listening when someone is talking is a pretty common occurrence.

  • Being unable to follow or understand instructions.

  • Avoiding tasks that involve effort.

  • Being distracted or forgetful is also a sign.

  • The habit of losing things regularly that are needed to complete tasks.

If you have at least five symptoms out of eight, then you are most likely to have this kind of ADHD.

Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive ADHD

It is more common in kids. If your kids are very hyper-active and move a lot around constantly then it is possible that they have this condition.

  • Fidgeting and Squirming a lot.

  • Getting up often or not being able to stay at one seat for a long time.

  • Running or climbing anywhere at inappropriate times.

  • Having trouble playing quietly.

  • Talking too much.

  • Talking out of turn or blurting out the first thing that comes into mind.

  • Interrupting a lot in between other’s conversations.

Combined ADHD

As the name suggests combined ADHD is caused if you have symptoms combining both the other types. If you are both inattentive and hyperactive, it’s a more severe condition. Combined ADHD is the most common type of ADHD. People showing only one or two symptoms doesn’t likely have ADHD. Most people who have ADHD have these symptoms on a more severe level.

Usually, for kids, these symptoms can be detected easily before they turn 7 years old. But there is no particular test to diagnose the type of ADHD. In a lot of cases, the symptoms tend to change over time especially in adults. ILS Hospitals, being one of the best hospitals in Kolkata, provides effective treatment in the form of therapy and medication.

Why Every Child Needs the ‘Child Checkup Package’?

As Benjamin Franklin had rightly said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The standard procedure of treatment that onsets after the symptoms begin to persist, and home remedies don’t work. After a series of discussions and screenings in the hospitals, a particular disease is recognized and suitable medications begin accordingly. This situation is far more delicate for the children.

To mitigate such long procedure and to ensure that children stays in good health, the hospitals are taking initiatives regarding the same. Meanwhile, we have introduced one of the best screening for children. It is called the ‘child checkup package’ and it comprises of the following tests-

  1. Complete hemoglobin with ESR profile
  2. ABO and Rh blood grouping
  3. Fasting blood sugar
  4. Urine test and
  5. Stool test

Child Checkup Package

Each of these tests has its own significance. For instance, knowing the exact blood group will help greatly to deal with any serious medical emergency that need blood transfusion. Precious minutes can be spent to collect the suitable blood group, instead of doing a blood test and awaiting its result.

The stool and especially urine test in this season is very helpful to keep a track on the excretory system of children. During winters, children tend to drink a very limited amount of liquid and often this habit clings on to them even when summer arrives, which causes a higher concentration of salts in urine. A timely screening would disclose the exact condition and thus, the child can be guided to be more careful.

The best feature about this checkup package is that it comes with a complimentary session with a pediatrician. Thus, instead of simply handing over a bunch of paper with numbers and ranges on it, this package gives parents some quality time with a doctor for consultation. This way, the parents become aware which aspects of their child to be more careful for.

Child Checkup Package

The child checkup package offered by ILS Hospital is very economical and affordable. It is best to keep these mentioned vitals in check and take preventive measures on time, rather than let them bloom over time and then take corrective measures for the same.

Thus, the child checkup package is recommended for every child to ensure a healthy childhood, growth and development.

Why Child Health Checkup Package is an Apt Health Choice for Your Kid?

As rightly Malala Yousafzai has said, “Let us remember: one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.” The health and wellbeing of the children are one of the most important factors for any country to have a stable and strong. Typically the journey of a healthy child begins as a healthy baby.

In fact, the health and care of an infant are usually carried out in several hospitals. However, once the child crosses the infancy line, the growing years become susceptible to several infections adding potential medical harm.

Child Health Checkup Package

Thankfully, most of them are cured with the help of medical treatment. But, the stress, time, money and energy spend for the same can be reduced significantly with proper planning of the future.

Keeping these factors in mind, ILS Hospitals offer a unique health checkup package specifically designed for the needs of the children. It is called the child health checkup package. It has the following screening,

  1. Blood sugar- Fasting
  2. Complete hemoglobin profiles with ESR
  3. Urine routine examination
  4. Stool routine examination
  5. Eye screening
  6. ENT screening
  7. Dental screening
  8. ABO grouping and Rh factor

With this package, a consultation with the pediatrician is complementary. The pediatrician helps the family of the ward to understand the report of the diagnosis. Also, they segregate the health factors that need immediate attention from the other, which can be assured to be harmless for a long period of time.

In case any serious trouble is shown in the report, proper care in terms of cure and treatment can be availed to the child. This will not only reduce the treatment procedure and time, but will also mitigate several other risk factors associated with it for the future.

Child Health Checkup Package

To illustrate this point, let’s assume a child lives in pre-diabetic state for roughly 5-7 years before belonging to the diabetic category. By monitoring the blood sugar profile from time to time, not only it can be delayed but it can also be mitigated. Timely measures make a huge difference for almost all the diseases.

It is extremely beneficial and also affordable for most of the families. Doctors recommend to take this checkup at least once every year to be on the safe side. In case any deflection form normal is diagnosed, prompt steps can be taken to address the problem.