How To Take Care Of Your Child’s Health

Parenting is no childโ€™s play. It takes multiple efforts and patience from the parentโ€™s end to raise healthy children. Todayโ€™s children are tomorrowโ€™s leaders so taking care of them means ensuring a healthy future of our country.

As a parent, itโ€™s normal to be constantly worried about your kidโ€™s health. So, today ILS Hospitals, the best hospital in Kolkata would like to share some health tips that will ensure your childโ€™s good health. Letโ€™s take a look at them.

1. Serve nutritious food:

Children are picky eaters by nature which can cause problems to the parents and affect the childโ€™s growth and development. Your children deserve adequate nutrition which they will get from fruits, vegetables, pulses, dairy, meat and nuts. Your children do not like eating nutritious foods because they find it boring. Serve healthy meals with a tasty twist. Start with a wholesome breakfast of poha, upma, oats idli, stuffed parantha, boiled eggs, whole-wheat toast and milk. Ensure to pack one fruit of any choice on your kidโ€™s lunch box. For lunch and dinner, you can go for the basic rice, roti, dal, vegetable curries, meat, salad and so on.

2. Feed your child frequently:

Mothers usually stuff their childrenโ€™s plate with foods in larger quantities. Let your child eat frequent small meals throughout the day. Instead of piling up your kidโ€™s plate with more food allow your child to ask for a second serving. The notion is to ensure that your children eat 4-5 meals a day to get more energy and nutrition.

3. Give them a glass of milk daily:

Give your children a glass of milk daily either during the morning or evening. If your child finds it difficult to fall asleep at night then let them drink milk before going to bed.

4. Encourage good hygiene:

Teach your kids to wash their hands properly and frequently as and when required to prevent infections and diseases.

5. Pay attention to their mental well-being:

Children are sensitive. A loving environment will improve your childโ€™s mental health. Give lots of love and support to your kids.

6. Take them to get routine health checkups:

Regular health checkups are important for your childโ€™s good health. ILS Hospitals value your childโ€™s health and well-being so we offer Child Health Checkup Packages in our hospital units. Our Paediatric Unit works around the clock to ensure your childโ€™s health and mental well-being.

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