Why Every Child Needs the ‘Child Checkup Package’?

As Benjamin Franklin had rightly said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The standard procedure of treatment that onsets after the symptoms begin to persist, and home remedies don’t work. After a series of discussions and screenings in the hospitals, a particular disease is recognized and suitable medications begin accordingly. This situation is far more delicate for the children.

To mitigate such long procedure and to ensure that children stays in good health, the hospitals are taking initiatives regarding the same. Meanwhile, we have introduced one of the best screening for children. It is called the ‘child checkup package’ and it comprises of the following tests-

  1. Complete hemoglobin with ESR profile
  2. ABO and Rh blood grouping
  3. Fasting blood sugar
  4. Urine test and
  5. Stool test

Child Checkup Package

Each of these tests has its own significance. For instance, knowing the exact blood group will help greatly to deal with any serious medical emergency that need blood transfusion. Precious minutes can be spent to collect the suitable blood group, instead of doing a blood test and awaiting its result.

The stool and especially urine test in this season is very helpful to keep a track on the excretory system of children. During winters, children tend to drink a very limited amount of liquid and often this habit clings on to them even when summer arrives, which causes a higher concentration of salts in urine. A timely screening would disclose the exact condition and thus, the child can be guided to be more careful.

The best feature about this checkup package is that it comes with a complimentary session with a pediatrician. Thus, instead of simply handing over a bunch of paper with numbers and ranges on it, this package gives parents some quality time with a doctor for consultation. This way, the parents become aware which aspects of their child to be more careful for.

Child Checkup Package

The child checkup package offered by ILS Hospital is very economical and affordable. It is best to keep these mentioned vitals in check and take preventive measures on time, rather than let them bloom over time and then take corrective measures for the same.

Thus, the child checkup package is recommended for every child to ensure a healthy childhood, growth and development.