Weight Loss: Obesity, Diets, & Calories

Weight loss is a primary concern and googled most of the time by many of us. Different types of methods are mentioned on various sites about weight loss. However, the most effective way to lose weight is to maintain a calorie deficit in food intake. 

The higher amount of metabolism of your body can help you achieve the dream weight and lower the chances of obesity. You can opt for weight loss treatment in Kolkata to lose weight and get back into shape.

Why Lose Weight?

Everyone looking for a suitable answer for weight loss must know why they need to lose excess weight? Here are some reasons you should know;

-Appearance or Look

To get a more fit and healthy look, you should lose unwanted fat. However, all body shapes are beautiful, but unnecessary fat accumulation in your body might cause different diseases. Hence your main aim should be to look presentable but fit inside. Losing weight can bring confidence in your look and personality as well.

-Health condition    

A lot of people have diabetes, heart diseases, and even liver problems as a result of excess weight gain. Therefore to remove such illness in your body, weight loss treatment in Kolkata is beneficial for you.


To increase your body stamina, you should lose weight. For certain sports, you need more stamina than usual. Moreover, players and athletes need to maintain a specific weight throughout the year for their performance.


70% of the women in the world are suffering from PCOD or PCOS, i.e., polycystic ovary syndrome. The main reason behind this disease is an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity. Hence, to improve fertility in them, doctors suggest a healthy weight loss.

Diets For Weight Loss     

Various weight loss claiming diet plans are available on the internet. Moreover, these plans also promise to give you results in less time. However, every body type is not the same. Therefore all kinds of diet plans may not suit everyone. Consult your certified nutritionist before you plan to make changes in your diet without getting trapped in any form of fraud.

Few food supplements like green tea extracts, omega 3 and fatty acids from fish, Chinese herbs, and bitter orange extracts benefit weight loss. Again, in this context, you should remember those fat burners are not effective for weight loss as recommended by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Calories For Weight Loss

Numerous factors work in coordination for a healthy weight loss in an individual’s body. These factors are age, sex, speed of weight loss, and the desirable weight. However, with a gap in calorie intake and calorie elimination, you can create a calorie deficit in your body. This process speeds up your weight loss.

According to the US department OF Agriculture (USDA), there is a recommendation of daily calorie intake both in men and women based on their ages, respectively.

-For Men aged 19-20 years should have a calorie intake of 2600-3000 daily as per their body activity. If they have reached 21-30 years, then the calorie intake should be around 2400-3000 per day. For 31-50 years, the calorie intake is around 2200-2800, and above 51, aged men should have calories of 2000-2800 daily.

-In the case of women aged 19-30 years should consume calories of 1800-2400 daily. For 31-50 years, the calorie level should be around 1800-2200. For above 51 years, the calorie consumption should be 1600-2000 per day.

Again, this calorie count level depends on your body’s activity level as well. You should always consult with your nutritionist or physician before making any balanced meal diet every day.


Weight loss depends on other factors like sleep, a healthy lifestyle, and exercise. The number of calories you are consuming should be burnt well to get that dream weight. You can surely consult the weight loss treatment in Kolkata at https://www.ilshospitals.com/ before starting your diet and exercise plan effectively.

Why Are Indians So Vulnerable To Heart Diseases?

We only have one heart and it’s our sole responsibility to take the best care of our heart to make it healthy and keep it in good physical condition. Sadly, there’s an incessant upsurge in heart-related conditions among Indians.

The question that comes to our mind after knowing this fact is why Indians are more susceptible to heart diseases and cardiac emergencies than any other ethnicity? Today, we will talk about 6 reasons why more people are suffering from heart-diseases at an increasing rate in the Indian sub-continent.

1. Chronic stress and hypertension:

Our modern lifestyle is comfortable but stressful. People are constantly stressed about their career, daily commute, personal life and financial conditions. Constant stress is the supreme cause of hypertension or high blood pressure. Healthy blood pressure for an average human is 120/80 mmHg. To manage stress, you should do the following things

– Maintain healthy relationships

– Participate in physical activities

– Eat clean and healthy food

– Get adequate sleep every night

– Practice relaxation techniques.

2. Unhealthy lifestyle choices:

We all know that an unhealthy lifestyle does not benefit our body but still we indulge in them then and now. An unhealthy lifestyle is a lifestyle in which you have harmful habits like smoking, consuming alcohol, eating junk and fast food, and being physically indolent. Take an oath that you would not choose or try to avoid this afore-mentioned lifestyle for yourself.

3. Diabetes:

Diabetes has become a common disease in India and that leads to many cardiovascular diseases. Getting diabetes treatment is paramount as uncontrolled diabetes cause impaired blood vessels of the heart and other vital organs.

4. Obesity:

Indians are getting obese day by day due to various reasons. Many people are suffering from class 3 obesity which can be treated with a bariatric or weight loss surgery.

5. Congenital heart defects:

Many children in India are born with heart abnormalities that lead to serious cardiovascular conditions if not timely diagnosed. It is one of the main factors of increasing heart diseases in our country.

6. Genetic makeup:

Many heart diseases are hereditary and nobody can undo it. Your genetic makeup determines the risk of you or your children inheriting heart-related conditions.

Regrettably, we Indians match the criteria of all the above-mentioned points, and that leads us to be more vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases. If you’ve any heart-related conditions you can easily come to ILS Hospitals, one of the best heart hospitals in Kolkata for your diagnosis and treatment. We will provide you with proper medical advice appropriate for your condition.