Signs Of Underlying Heart Disease By The Best Heart Hospital In Kolkata

Cardiovascular conditions are very common in India. We’ve discussed why in this blog: Why Are Indians So Vulnerable To Heart Diseases? Every underlying disease show tell-tale signs for the individual to observe. If the individual observes and takes prompt action then there’s a chance of an effective proper treatment.

The heart is a vital organ that helps in purifying the blood and supplies the body with oxygen and other nutrients. As per expert cardiologists, many patients ignore the body’s signals of underlying heart disease at the crucial initial levels. So, ILS Hospitals, one of the best heart hospitals in Kolkata and Agartala will enlighten you about the signs that indicate an underlying heart disease.

Chronic tiredness

Fatigue after any laborious activity is understandable but constant fatigue when you do not live an active lifestyle is a matter of concern. Chronic exhaustion can indicate towards an underlying cardiovascular condition.

Shortness of breath

Breathlessness can happen due to various reasons. Shortness of breath after climbing forty stairs makes sense, otherwise, breathlessness for no apparent cause is a medical emergency.

Chest pain and discomfort

Chest pain accompanied by shortness of breath can be a sign of serious cardiovascular condition. Immediately visit the medical emergency room of your nearest hospital.

Irregular heartbeat

Heart palpitations usually happen after a vigorous workout but that does not mean it is not associated with any medical condition. Observe your heartbeat and visit a cardiologist if you have frequent heart palpitations.

Unusual sweating

Cold sweats are not normal. They can hint at an underlying heart disease.

Swollen feet

If you have swollen feet and ankles, consult a medical professional for timely diagnosis and treatment.

Unexpected body aches

Body aches that are sudden and without any reason should not be overlooked. Unexpected body aches can be due to an insufficient supply of blood to the cardiac muscle.

If you encounter the aforementioned signs in your body, do not delay professional medical supervision. Visit ILS Hospitals, one of the best heart hospitals in Agartala and Kolkata to get proper diagnosis and treatment from our expert cardiologists.

4 Ways How Love Can Improvise Your Overall Health

Love, love, and love! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, that is all you get to hear. You might even be getting sick of hearing about love but it turns out that being in love has its perks too. Let’s take a different approach to love and gather few medically positive aspects of being in love. It might not serve the same purpose as the best heart hospitals, it certainly does add several wonderful aspects in your life.

1. Love makes you psychologically more stable

Love makes you psychologically stable

A happy soul is a key towards a healthier body, and people often find inner strength through their beloved. Moreover, mental issues like hypertension, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic experienced etc. are best resolved along with the company of loved ones. That is the reason why often the presence of the patient’s spouse is also welcomed and encouraged during psychiatric evaluation and consultation.

2. Love makes your heart healthier

Love makes your heart healthier

Once again, the magical words ‘I love you’ would do no good in event of any cardiac emergency and rush to nearest best heart hospital will only save the life. However, as per studies, the happily married/engaged people have been found to have much better cardiovascular health. Moreover, they contribute towards a lower range of blood pressure, ruling out several cardiovascular issues.

3. Love makes post-surgery and recovery much easier

Love makes post-surgery and recovery much easier

Despite being rich, young, healthy and careful, having an illness from time to time, and feeling vulnerable at the same is inevitable. Often the surgical approach becomes the only treatment for several illnesses as well. Dealing with post-surgery care and recovery back to health is more effective with a beloved by the side. The feeling of dependency and reliability contribute significantly towards the overall sense of security and well-being and thus speed up the recovery procedure.

4. Love makes you live longer

Love makes you live longer

Loved ones certainly cannot transfer their years into others lifeline, but it indirectly makes them go for positive changes that yield longevity in a long run for sure. Surviving stored and highly processed food, heavy smoking/drinking, being a couch potato etc. can lead to several illnesses in near future.

Having a spouse or even a lover often brings positive reinforcement in these sedentary lifestyle choices. It encourages to make better choices in terms of diet and other factors. It often reduces the chances of getting engaged in rash behavior such as abuse, rash driving, etc as well. Thus, the person lives an ideal lifespan altogether.

Apart from the stated points, a family also gives a sense of purpose and encourage to invest towards medical needs including screening and medical insurance etc. Overall, it ensures a longevity of an individual with healthier aspects.