ILS Hospitals Contributes Towards World Health Day 2018

World health day is a rather special initiative of World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure health awareness in all over the world. Each year, this day is celebrated focusing on a unique theme. For 2018, the theme is Universal Health Coverage. Let’s understand it in details

The World is divided as per many classifications. The most noticeable is the boundaries that separate it in countries. Even though these nations compete with one another to stay in power, there are several aspects they must work together. Health is the most common goal of every civilization.

Each country tries their best to keep its citizens healthy and disease free. But it is crucial to ensure the entire population stays free of severe threats as we live in the era when correspondence between nations is a common thing. The health of any individual nation can be severely affected by the same in another country. The outbreak of Ebola virus in the year 2014 is a painful reminder on our inability to establish a quarantine.

The nature of illness can spread through an outbreak which can either be due to a pathogen or even due to certain environmental factors. Either way being contagious in nature makes it very easy to reach places beyond boundaries of a nation.

This World Health Day 2018, with the motto of Universal Health Coverage, aims to ensure detection, prevention, control and correction of diseases in the global scale. Aspects of studying or being employed in a foreign land is a very common thing, nowadays. Moreover, foreign travel is quite easy due to foreign policy and tourism initiatives.

People often marry and settle abroad as well. Thereby, it is important to eliminate severe threats from the entire face of Earth, because creating a quarantine is always not feasible due to the involvement of diplomacy and political agendas.

Together, the epidemic and outbreaks can be controlled in time, without causing many interruptions the trade and travel around the world. On this World Health Day, we, at ILS hospitals, contributes our health checkup facilities and treatment procedures to ensure the perfect health of as many people as possible. It is not possible for any singular agency to ensure global health. However, every initiative matters, because it fits in the big picture. As it says,

If you take care of small things, the big things will be taken care of itself.