Laugh Out Loud to Enjoy These 5 Health Benefits

Feeling out of breath lately? Google the price of your breathing pump and get it over the Counter.

April fool! Persistent symptoms of respiratory discomfort should be evaluated by a doctor in hospitals to ensure perfect health by timely treatment.

Gave you an unexpected laugh, right? You should laugh, more often, because Life is better when you are laughing. Though we might not find enough reasons or excuses to laugh or make others laugh every day, but 1st April is surely a free pass to do it all day long.

Here we bring 5 reasons to laugh more.

1. Reduce stress

Laughing regularly keep the stress hormone in check. This way the negative impact of stress can be diminished at great extent. Moreover, it strengthens the immunity system of the body.

2. Strengthens the core muscle

A hearty laughter causes contraction and expansion of muscles around the stomach. It resembles very much when one works out in a gym to strengthen their core muscle. Having routine laughter season can contribute towards building a toner chest and abdomen.

3. Keeps blood sugar in check

Laughter keeps the lower high level of blood pressure and keeps it in check. A high blood pressure is often the cause of onset of several medical emergencies and thus having it under control improves many health conditions.

4. Enhances cardiac health

Cardio seasons in a gym is not the only thing that can improve the cardiac health. A good amount of laugh makes the heart pump and burn calories similar to that of cardio exercise. Thus it is beneficial for every individual, particularly the ones who cannot do cardio due to injury or illness.

5. Enhances overall wellbeing

Laughter is something that is shared with loved ones. This evokes the sense of belongingness. It helps to cope up with negative thoughts that is a part of everyday life. Moreover, happiness and laughter can help one recover from illness much effectively than anything else.

Thereby, apart from individual health benefits, laughter can do wonders for your overall health as well. Thus, read jokes to laugh and share them to spread the laughter.

On behalf of ILS Hospitals, we encourage you to make laughter a part and parcel of your life, along with timely diagnosis and treatment.

Laughter is the best medicine. But, if you are laughing without a reason, you need medicine.

How ILS Hospitals Contributes Towards Elder’s Health and Well Being

As Gary Snyder has rightly said, “In Western Civilization, our elders are books.” but definitely this does not hold true for every generation in every corner of the world. Unfortunately, not every elder gets adequate medical attention. In fact, finding a well-qualified geriatric specialist is often a tiresome job, if you don’t know where to look for. To address the gap between the elderly medical complication and their reliable treatment, ILS Hospitals are taking a unique initiative.

ILS hospitals are offering ILS Sparsh and ‘Care of Senior Citizen’ health package for the elderly people of our nation. Let’s explore them both in details, how these package and initiative improves the overall health of the elderly people.

ILS Sparsh

Not every elder lives with their family of children and grandchildren. Thus, getting to a hospital often becomes a challenging task in itself. Thus the initiative ‘ILS Sparsh’ is a big relief, as it collects the samples for screening at the doorsteps itself along with delivering the report and routine check-ups by a physician.

It offers the following special services for its patients.

– 15% Discount on all OPD Investigations
– 10% Discount on health check-up packages
– 10% Discount on IP services excluding medicines, consumables and doctor’s fees.
– Physician visit at home for general check-up and consultation, once in 2 months
– Blood Sugar (fasting), blood pressure & weight check-up at home, every month
– Sample collection & report delivery at doorstep, once in every month
– Free ambulance service, if hospitalized in ILS Hospitals
– Priority for admission to the cardholders

ILS Sparsh

Care of Senior Citizen

This health check-up package is fabricated by keeping the needs of an elder in mind. These screenings include-

  1. Complete Haemogram with ESR
  2. Total Cholesterol
  3. Random Blood Sugar
  4. Pap Smear / PSA (Women/Men)
  5. Serum Creatinine
  6. Urea
  7. ECG
  8. Echocardiography Screening
  9. Chest X-Ray PA View
  10. USG Whole Abdomen screening
  11. Eye Screening
  12. Dental Screening

Care of Senior Citizen

The package also comprises of a consultation from a Physician. Thus, it ensures that the patient and their family gets a full disclosure of the screenings and their interception on their life. In case, a particular aspect needs special attention, the doctor can investigate further.

On the occasion of World Elderly Day, ILS Hospitals encourages every individual to take care of the elderly people in their home and get them every medical attention they need.