ILS Hospitals Agartala Improves Lives in the North Eastern Region of India

Medical tourism is a concept when people of one part of the geographical location, moves to others to avail treatment. This is either due to less availability of reliable treatment in their own province or having the high expense in doing so. Either way, it causes a burden on the patient and their family because of several reasons.

Let’s understand how the establishment of ILS Hospitals Agartala in the state of Tripura helped the regional people to avail better quality treatment.

Mr. Subhash Deb Burman a permanent resident of Tripura and a businessman, keeps on moving from place to place throughout the country. Whenever any of his family member or friend falls sick with something severe, he was the person-in-charge to accompany them for their treatment.

As Tripura or Northeast India did not have any state of the art healthcare facility, many a times, he had to travel all the way to the nearest metropolitan city, Kolkata. This extended journey was necessary as several crucial diagnosis and treatment are possible in high-end treatment provider only. However, this journeys used to leave the patients ever more tired and drenched out of energy. Not to mention that it used to lead to extra expenditure, on travel, accommodation and food.

Things finally changed for good, when ILS Hospital Agartala was established in the state of Tripura. Being a multispecialty hospital, it offers extensive diagnosis and treatment of multiple domains. This helped Mr. Deb Burman to access better healthcare facility within proximities.

To his surprise, the facility of ILS Hospitals Agartala was not only one of the best infrastructures in Northeast India but also was equipped with the best equipment and specialized doctors. He could rely on the healthcare facilities entirely. He was so satisfied with the services that he mitigated the thought of traveling out of state ever again.

He not only sought medical help for his family members and friends at ILS Hospitals Agartala but also recommended his clients and other colleagues. After seeking treatment from the same, everyone shared their views as well. The fact that ILS Hospitals in Agartala was a unit of the prestigious ILS Hospitals group, helped to establish trustworthy relation.

ILS Hospitals Agartala stands proud in the state of Tripura and keeps up the good work of ensuring the health and recovery of people of Northeast India and nearby countries such as Bangladesh. It is the heart of the healthcare among the people of this region, as it offers some of the latest treatment for several medical complications.