Diabetes Treatment in Kolkata – Eradicating The Epidemic

Diabetes is one of the most common disease affecting youths and elderly people all over the world. In India, it is becoming an epidemic. Even two decades earlier, Diabetes was considered as an illness affecting the aged people, mostly the ones who have a family history of the same.

The scenario today, however, has changed a lot. The number of diabetes clinic in Kolkata is increasing day-by-day in order to keep pace with the disease. Diabetes is affecting youth at an alarming rate. The role of genetic for this disease is becoming a myth. Now, anyone can get diabetes. Even children are becoming victims of this dreadful disease.

Diabetes treatment in Kolkata

The food that we eat, breaks down into glucose. With the help of insulin produced by the pancreas, this glucose gets converted to energy to carry out various works. Diabetes is the medical condition in which the conversion of glucose into energy does not take place functionally and this leads to increase in sugar level in the blood.

There are primarily two conditions that lead to diabetes. In first, Type 1, the pancreas does not produce insulin at all. The only remedy left is to provide insulin shots, more likely for the rest of the life. The second one, Type 2, arises when the pancreas does produce insulin, but the body in the contrast, does not respond properly towards it. The treatment of Type 2 usually involves taking oral medication, usually for rest of the life.

Once an individual develops Type 2, the biological mechanism kicks in and starts to produce additional insulin in order to make up for the complications caused by it. Eventually, it leads to a condition called ‘insulin resistance’ in which the body stops producing insulin at all, this occurs because the cells get burned due to overload for a long time.

The chances of getting diabetes type 2 is highly associated with obesity. Obesity is a condition in which the amount of adipose tissue deposited in the body rises significantly. Obesity itself is not a significant threat, but it provides breeding ground for several other diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus type 2, cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea and lots more.

Diabetes Surgery Kolkata

Diabetes usually does not get cured on its own and if left untreated for a long time it may severely damage the well being of the individual, by causing cardiac ailments, kidney failure, stroke, blurry vision and foot ulcers.

ILS Hospitals is your recommended partner if you are looking for a diabetic clinic in Kolkata. It offers proper guidance and treatment for diabetes. Along with experts’ consultation and health tips, this tertiary healthcare facility also provides bariatric surgery for the patients. Surgery for obesity, more commonly known as ‘Weight Reduction surgery’ is done extensively at ILS Hospitals by the team of expert surgeons headed by Dr. Om Tantia. Apart from getting rid of extra pounds, it also eliminates several other associated complications such as Diabetes type 2, Retinopathy, infertility, etc.