Bust These 5 Mammogram Related Myths Forever

Getting an annual screening of mammogram is recommended by gynecologists to ensure the earliest detection of breast cancer. It is highly advised for women with age more than 40yrs. Several myths surrounding the sensitive subject, which leads to a misconception among women make them avoid regular mammogram.


Let’s have a look at 5 of such myths and extract the truth out of it.

Myth 1 – Mammogram is not required until some symptoms appear

The biggest and most dangerous myth that jeopardizes the lives of many patients each year often leads patient to neglect the need for a mammogram until they experience some discomfort like pain and swelling or other symptoms like a lump or discharge. This reduces their chances of success of curing cancer entirely.

Myth 2 – Mammogram is irrelevant for women with no family/personal history of breast cancer or other breast illnesses.

As the patient keeps wasting precious moments by skipping the screening, malignant cells keep growing and make thing worse. As per statistics, about 8 in every 10 breast cancer patient has no family history of the same.

Myth 3 – Routine screening is nonessentials if nothing suspicious surfaced in the previous report

A very common belief that a previous report with no threat rules out the need to have it regularly in the future as well. However, it should be kept in mind that a mammogram is simply a diagnostic probe and not a preventive measure. Thereby, it is best to keep having those after crossing 40yrs of age.

Myth 4 – A 2D mammogram serves the same purpose as a 3D mammogram

Medical science and technology has advanced and so has the mammogram techniques. The traditional 2D mammogram is effective, but it has certain drawbacks that have overcome by 3D mammogram. The 2D mammogram might not be able to diagnose a cancer growth for patients with denser breast tissues or might misdiagnose or minor cells mimicking as cancer threats. A breast MRI or ultrasound may be additionally suggested to confirm the report.

Myth 5 – A mammogram exposes to harmful radiation to make thing worse.

It is true that a mammogram utilizes the radiation, but it closely follows the medical protocol. Getting a mammogram is absolutely safe if it is being availed at a certified facility.


Thus, it is advised to stay vigilant of the actual facts, rather than getting misguided by myths for a healthier future ahead.