14 Fun Facts About the Brain

BRAIN – An amazing internal organ of the human body. Understanding the brain is not yet fully explored till date, but plenty has been studied. A number of patients seek treatment in hospitals for some or the other condition related to the health of the brain. But instead of discussing some serious illness related to the brain, today we bring you 14 facts about the human brain that might fascinate you.


So, let’s start the countdown

  1. Hints of successful brain surgeries date back to the Stone Age.
  2. An adult human brain weighs approximately 3 pounds.
  3. Dreams are believed to be a contributing factor of imagination, phycological factors, and neurological factors. This proves that the brain is working even while sleeping.
  4. About 75 percent of the brain is composed of water. Thus, even a minor dehydration can have an adverse effect on the brain functions.
  5. The human brain will grow significantly in size during the first year of life until the age of about 18 years old.
  6. The human brain contains approximately one hundred billion neurons.
  7. It is a myth that an average human use only 10 percent of the brain. In practicality, human use all of it, more than 10 percent while sleeping itself.
  8. Alcohol adversely affects the brain which includes blurred vision, unsteady walk, slurred speaking, and more.
    These usually disappear while becoming sober again. However, heavy drinking for prolong periods of time can affect the brain functions permanently and might not reverse even after becoming sober again. Long-term effects include memory issues and some reduced cognitive function.
  9. The brain uses 20 percent of the oxygen and blood in your body.
  10. A brain freeze is clinically known as sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. It onsets when an individual eats or drink something that’s extremely cold. It chills down the blood vessels and arteries in the very back of the throat, this includes the ones that take blood to your brain as well. These open up again then they are warm again, however, it causes pain in the forehead.
  11. Phantom limb pain syndrome is a condition, when the central nervous system, including the brain, continues to feel the pain of an amputated limb.
  12. The brain can interpret the pain signals sent to it, but it does not feel pain on its own.
  13. During the mummification process, Egyptians would usually remove the brains through the nose.
  14. Playing computer or video games that require instant reaction may help improve cognitive abilities. However, more research is needed to learn how much they help or what types of games do help.

Sure, it was fun to learn all that. In case, you experience any discomfort regarding this fascinating organ, consult with a medical facility.