How Rhinoplasty Helps you Breathe Better?

We have lots of internal as well as external organs that are present in pairs. Some people assume it is there for symmetry, but in reality, each of these paired organs is vital. But unfortunately, some of the individuals live with a defected one in the paired organ. Besides compromising the overall aesthetic, it challenges the function of the organ altogether. Often cosmetic surgery is needed to correct it.

One of the most carried out cosmetic surgery in Kolkata is rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the surgery of readjusting and reshaping of the nose. The nose is located on the face, it has two nostrils that facilitate the inflow of air. The shape of the nose is a combined factor of nasal bones and cartilages, especially the septal cartilage that separates the nostrils.

rhinoplasty surgery

There are two types of this particular surgery – functional and cosmetic rhinopasty. The functional rhinoplasty alters the air passage without changing the external appearance. This one is mostly employed by the people who want a better biological result. The cosmetic Rhinoplasty on the other hand, does the opposite. It alters only the external aesthetics without compromising the internal setup. This one is mostly employed by the people who wants better physical results.

Most of the people assume that these are only for the wealthy ones who get it done in order to look more beautiful. In reality, it is often more like a need rather than a fancy desire.

A misaligned nose on the outside may just look odd, but on the inside it may cause some serious blockage in the airway. These anatomic blockages can either be congestion or obstruction. In such cases, functional rhinoplasty becomes essential. It is also known as nasal valve repair. It is done primarily to relieve the patient from breathing as well as from nasal disorders.

rhinoplasty surgery

These surgeries are carried out either through end nasal approach (which is done from inside the nose) or through open rhinoplasty. In each of the surgery, the cartilage of the nose is straightened and reshaped. The cartilage is extracted from the patient’s own body, to support the internal structure of the nose.

After the surgery, the patient’s nasal blockage is permanently resolved. This new arrangement facilitates increased airflow and hence improves breathing conditions. Thus, Cosmetic Surgery contributes to the patient not just in terms of appearance, but also overall health conditions.