A Guide for Hernia Treatment in Kolkata

Hernia is a medical condition in which an internal organ bulges out of the skin membrane. The most common site for hernia is abdomen. The organs bulges out through the natural openings of the body such as bellybutton or by any previous operational scars.

With the help of advanced medical approach, hernia treatment in Kolkata is available at several healthcare institutions. The diagnosis of hernia is done by the doctor just by looking at the bulge or by touching it. Also, in several cases, they may ask the patient to lie down or cough, so that the protrudes of hernia intensifies; which helps in detection.

hernia treatment in kolkata

Often it does not produce any troublesome symptoms, but constant abdominal discomfort should not be neglected over a long period of time. No surgery is required for hernia that occurs in infants, as they gets corrected by its own by the time they reach four years. For the rest of the cases, the surgical treatment for hernia is done either by open or laparoscopic surgery.

Open surgery- In this approach, a large incision is made by the surgeon near the bulge and the organ is tucked-in back to its place. Its the traditional hernia treatment method in Kolkata.

Laparoscopic surgery- It is also known as ‘keyhole surgery’ or ‘minimally invasive surgery’. In this approach, the surgeon makes few small incisions near the bulge, through which a camera, a light source and instruments are inserted. Then the abdomen is inflated with gas to provide working space. The camera and light provides visuality of the internal organs. The bulge is then pushed back inside and a small surgical mesh is introduced to avoid protrusion in future. Once the surgery is done, the gas is released from the abdomen so that it returns to normal state.

The use of mesh is vital after placing the hernia back in the abdominal cavity. This mesh ensures that the organ will not protrude again. Also, it reinforces the weak tissue. The mesh provides a support to strengthen the gap in the tissues. Apart from easing the pain, it also aids in promoting growth of healthy tissue. Hence, it ensures essential support to affected area upon hernia treatment in Kolkata.

Some patients find hernia belts and trusses helpful as they may ease discomfort for time being. But, it will not help the hernia go away. Likewise, exercise and medication are not permanent solutions of hernia either. Only surgical methods ensure a comprehensive solution.

At ILS Hospitals, hernia treatment is done mostly by laparoscopic approach. Apart from hernia, it also deals with other critical diseases, such as cardiac and liver treatment in Kolkata. It provides proper diagnosis, guidance and treatment for hernia at very reasonable cost. The popularity of laparoscopic approach is reaching new heights because of the enormous benefits it offers. Due to less incision, it has less chances of infection and blood transfusion. The patients are released within few days and they can resume their routine lifestyle within weeks.