Total Knee Replacement – What, When, How, Who And Where?

Knee replacement is a type of joint replacement surgery performed on people suffering from severe knee damage. In recent times, orthopaedic clinic in Kolkata is gathering several patients round the year as it provides long lasting relief from knee joint pain. Let’s understand in details the various aspects of total knee replacement.

What is total knee replacement?

Total knee replacement is an orthopaedic replacement surgery in which metal implants, called prosthetics, are placed in place of natural joints to mimic its movements. It aims to relieve the pain and enables the patient to be more active than before.

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When to go for it?

It is advised to undergo total knee replacement if the patient is suffering from either of the following orthopedic conditions:

1. Osteoarthritis– It is a medical condition, which arises with age, due to long term ‘wear and tear’. It is mostly found in people aged more than 50 but it may also be found in younger people. In this condition, the cartilage between the bones that acts like a cushion wears away, generating friction between it, which results in pain and stiffness.

2. Rheumatoid arthritis– It is a disease in which the membrane covering the joint gets thickened. Over a prolonged period of time, it leads to cartilage loss and causes pain. It is the most common joint condition found in people. Doctors practicing in orthopedic clinic in Kolkata advise to undergo total knee replacement for the patients suffering from it.

3. Severe knee injury/post-traumatic arthritis– It occurs as a consequence of any severe injury. Tearing of knee ligament over a time period leads to limited knee movement and causes pain.

How this procedure is carried out?

The knee joint is basically made of three bones, the joint between femur, tibia and knee-cap or patella. Due to constant wear and tear, pain and stiffness arise in the joint. During this surgical process, the damaged cartilage is chiseled away with a thin layer of underlying bones. This gap is filled with metal replacements, which are cemented to fit the joint.

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Who are qualified to undergo this?

When no other medication or walking support are helping to soothe pain and performing daily activities, then the doctor suggests the patients to go for knee replacement. There is no age bar for undergoing this surgery. Most of the patients who undergo this surgery fall into the age group of 50 to 80. In this era, successful surgeries have been done from teenagers to elderly patients.

Where to go for total knee replacement in Kolkata?

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