Throat Cancer: Types and Causes

What is a Throat Cancer?

Throat cancer is cancer that appears in the throat region. It usually occurs in the pharynx which is a tube that starts from your nose to your neck. A throat cancer might also occur in larynx which commonly known as the voice box. The third common is the tonsil cancer that affects the tonsils which is located at the back of the throat. As per ENT Specialists, ‘ many a times, these harmless sounding issues can turn out be life-threatening if not treated on time’.

Throat Cancer

There are several types of throat cancer which have their own reasons to occur. The different types of throat cancer are mentioned below:

Nasopharyngeal cancer: Doctors haven’t found out the actual cause of this cancer yet but they say it is strongly linked to a common virus called Epstein – Barr virus (EBV). Although, it need not be necessary to be prone to NPC if you have EBV. In India, it is rarely found in the states of Northeast region such that, Manipur, Nagaland, and Mizoram.

Oropharyngeal cancer: Oropharyngeal cancer or oral cancer is the most common and cancer related-death of men in India. The main cause of this cancer in world-wide is mostly due to HPV that spreads through unprotected intimation and/or oral intimation. Although in India the main reason behind this cancer is excessive consumption of Weeds, tobacco, smoking, and alcohol.

Hypopharyngeal cancer: It is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the hypopharynx. Use of tobacco products and heavy drinking can affect the risk of developing Hypopharyngeal cancer.

Laryngeal cancer: This cancer affects the larynx and it is commonly known as the Vocal Cord. The main causes of this cancer are the genetic mutation of uncontrollable cell growth in the region to form tumors. This is usually forms due to long-term smoking or alcohol and sometimes HPV or exposure to toxins such as asbestos. Laryngeal Cancer comprises of three different cancers such as Glottic, Supraglottic and Subglottic Cancer. They begin at the around, upper and lower region of the vocal cord.

Throat Cancer

Irrespective of the type of throat cancer, they are common in one thing, smoking, and alcohol, which is the main cause of most of these throat cancers. These cancers if remained untreated for long period, can cost the life. If you are prone to any symptoms of throat cancer, come in and get yourself checked by certified ENT specialists with proper guidance, consultation, and health tips.