Everything You Need To Know About Your Prostate

We understand that it is not quite usual to talk about the prostate. But, there are certain aspects that you must know to avoid medical ailments. 

Aging men often report difficulty in peeing or prostate getting enlarged. So, you need to keep an eye on the symptoms and report them to the doctor at the earliest. Prostate treatment in Kolkata has made it easier to minimize the risk and cure life-threatening conditions.

Let’s identify the gland first 

The prostate is a small male gland that is located inside the body, placed right below the bladder. If you can identify the urethra, then it is present right around it. 

The prostate is responsible for producing certain fluids that help transport the sperm. This fluid is a mixture of enzymes and hormones, and its function is to keep the sperm cells motile. 

So, the prostate has a direct connection with fertility. The semen is pushed through the urethra by the prostate muscles, which helps to ejaculate. 

Common Prostate Problems & Warning Signs

Enlarged prostate

The medical term for enlarged prostate is benign prostatic hyperplasia. More than 50% of men go through this problem, where they experience swelling of the prostate. The size increases 2x times, and its problems become more intense with age. 

The general symptoms are

  • Difficulty in peeing
  • Sudden urge to pee
  • Increase in pee time at night
  • Burning sensation while peeing
  • Painful ejaculation

The most important fact is that you must not wait for a natural cure. And, do not shy away from discussing the problem with your doctor for immediate prostate treatment in Kolkata.

Enlarged prostate is often misinterpreted as cancer by non-specialists. But there is nothing to worry about. It is 100% curable. Based on the present condition, either medication are prescribed, or surgery is recommended


It is also an inflammatory condition of the prostate. However, it is quite different from the enlarged condition. This can lead to either swollen, inflamed, or tender prostate,

The general symptoms are:

  • Urgent need to pee
  • Painful peeing
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Presence of blood in the urine
  • Continuous pain in the lower back
  • Getting a heavy feeling in the scrotum
  • Blockage in the urinary passage

There are different reasons why you may have prostatitis. And, based on the cause, a cure is prescribed. It can even be caused due to injury, stress, or damage within the nerve. 

Prostate cancer

Based on the latest report, males suffer more from prostate cancer when compared with females who have breast cancer. 

The factors that can increase the risk are

  • Family history
  • Genetic mutation or hereditary
  • Certain genetic conditions

The general symptoms are (early stage):

  • The frequent urge of peeing
  • Trouble maintaining a strong and steady flow
  • Presence of blood in the pee
  • A burning sensation while peeing
  • Painful lower back, upper thighs, chest, hip, etc.
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Shortness of breath. 
  • The pale appearance of the skin

You can get to the verge of developing prostate cancer as you age. Thus, it is very much important to be aware of the symptoms. This would further help to assess and suggest the proper treatment.

Types of Prostate Tests prescribed

  • Digital rectal exam (DRE)
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) testing
  • MRI
  • Prostate biopsy
  • Ultrasound


Following a low animal fat, more antioxidants, less carbohydrate diet, regular exercise, weight management, and reducing stress are the best ways to stay away from ailments. And, if you are witnessing one or more of the warning signs, consult with a physician. ILS Hospitals offer the best prostate treatment in Kolkata.

What Are The Treatments For An Enlarged Prostate

If you are visiting the bathroom due to an excess urination problem or facing some problem in the urine stream, then there can be a possibility that you are suffering from an enlarged prostate. For such prostate-related health issues, men should always opt for prostate treatment in Kolkata. It is found in a recent study by the National Kidney & Urologic Disease Information Clearinghouse that approximately 50% of the men out of 100 suffer from an enlarged prostate.

Symptoms & Causes 

Men urinate from the bladder, which again comes from the urethra. It is often found that a noncancerous BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) often causes the prostate to enlarge and block the urine flow. These cells tend to multiply and block the urine passage more, causing enlarged prostate. 

If you are noticing the following symptoms, immediately rush for prostate treatment in Kolkata:

  • Weak urine flow
  • Difficulty or pain during urination
  • Many times, visiting the restroom
  • Dribbling of flow
  • Straining or pressurizing to urinate
  • An urgent need for urination within fewer time intervals

Treatment For Enlarged Prostate

Depending on the severity of your prostate symptoms, the treatment process begins. Doctors check if any life risk is related to it and then begin the treatment of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) prostate.


Often doctors recommend FDA-approved drugs in the initial days of prostate enlargement in patients. These medicines work to either stop the growth of noncancerous cells in the enlarged prostate or shrink the overall size of the prostate.


For relieving the pain or other symptoms, this is an effective drug. However, it is not used for shrinking the size of the enlarged prostate. The drug also helps to soothe the muscles around the bladder for easy urine flow. You will see improvement in the symptoms after using this drug for a day or two.

-5 Alpha Reductase Inhibitors 

The drugs are commonly used for shrinking the size of the prostate. Once you consume this medicine, it starts working on the hormone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone, which is primarily responsible for the growth of the prostate size. However, this medicine takes time to work, but it helps improve the flow of your urine.

No Surgery No Pain Treatment For Prostate

If you find that medication is not helping you to treat and relieve the enlarged prostate, then you can visit the doctor for treatment without any surgery. In a doctor’s office, several types of heat energy are produced to treat the prostate.

-TUMT (Transurethral Microwave Therapy)

If the doctors find that you are suffering from moderate or mild symptoms like less urination flow, straining, or urgency to go to the bathroom for urination, then they will start this therapy. With the computer-generated heat waves, the tissues surrounding the prostate are destroyed. 

-TUNA (Transurethral Radiofrequency Therapy)

With anaesthesia, small needles are put in the prostate directly for transmitting high-frequency radio waves. For this therapy, you do not have to get admitted to the hospital. There can be some side effects after this therapy is performed, but it reduces in a few weeks.

Prostatic Stents

To open the urethra wide, doctors often insert stents directly. For this purpose, previously, the patient got spinal anaesthesia. However, it is observed that most doctors do not find stents useful as compared to other treatments. It leads to many side effects in the patient’s life.

Surgical Process

Prostate surgery usually relieves pain and other symptoms faster compared to other methods. However, you should always consult with your doctor first before opting for surgery. Mainly Transurethral resection of the prostate or TURP surgery is done by the doctors for enlarged prostate. It is less traumatic and cures within a few weeks.

Another surgical process called transurethral incision of the prostate or TUIP is performed where small cuts are done on the prostate tissues without removing them. 

Doctors also suggest going for laser surgery treatment where the prostate tissues are destroyed with the laser waves. You may have to stay in the hospital for this surgery. Moreover, you will be under anaesthesia while the surgery takes place. You will get immediate relief from your enlarged prostate after this treatment.


Every man does not require BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) medication or surgery. For mild symptoms, you can go for a self-caring method like exercising, staying active, water consumption, etc. Always talk to your doctor before opting for prostate treatment in Kolkata. For further queries related to prostate treatment in Kolkata, please contact us at https://www.ilshospitals.com/.