Most Common Health Complications of Newborns

‘A newborn – a new beginning of life, a new hope, a new possibility’

If you are a new parent, you too can clearly relate to the same. However, having a child brings several concerns along with it. It is highly likely that you are constantly worried about the health and wellbeing of your little one. If you do, you are not alone and as per obstetricians, your worries are not pointless either. Newborns and infants are most susceptible to various illnesses from right after birth and until they turn at least a year old. You can find several infants being treated in hospitals on a daily basis. Here we present, a few most common health problems of newborns and infants-

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1. Birth Injuries

It is the most common type of trauma seen in newborns and often occurs due to the use of forceps during childbirth. It is more common among breech babies and the ones with difficult labor. Most of the birth injuries resolve with time, however, in a few cases the degree of damage is more severe such as fracture and needs immediate care.

2. Diarrhea

Having loose motion is quite normal for young infants. It is often due to the reaction of antibiotics and infections. It is recommended to keep the baby hydrated and if the color and texture of the stool change rapidly, it is wise to seek an opinion from an expert.

3. Vomiting

Just like the loose motion, vomiting is quite common among newborns as well. It is particularly prevalent after feeding. Thereby, parents and other caregivers are encouraged to burp the child after feeding them. Persistent vomiting leads to severe dehydration and thus proper care is advised. Moreover, throwing greenish vomit is a red flag and requires immediate medical attention.

4. Fever

Infections are quite common among infants due to a low immune system. Thereby, having a fever too is common, as fever is the body’s autoimmune response to fight the infections. But parents are advised to seek help, if fever higher than 101 degrees persists for long, as it may lead to severe complications in the future.

5. Skin Problems

The baby has very soft and delicate skin during infancy and they suffer very frequent diaper rashes. It can lead to itching, irritation and other dermatology issues. It is therefore advised to use a good diaper cream and change the diapers more frequently.

We are observing newborn care week from 15thto 22nd November. And thereby encourage every new parent to take adequate measure towards ensuring that their child has a healthy childhood and life ahead. We, at ILS Hospitals, have expert neonatologists and pediatricians to deal with any kind of infant medical condition. Also, we are all equipped with the Neonatal intensive care unit.

Rely on the quality treatment and care of ILS Hospitals to treat any illness or injury of your newborn.

ILS Hospitals Has Fully Equipped NICU for Every Critically Ill New Born

A nation’s average performance and its position in the global platform depends on several factors. These factors range from education level, per capita income, gross domestic product, health standards and many more.

However, despite the preventive and corrective measure of the government towards the health and well-being, we all fall sick at some point or the other during the course of our lives. Healthcare industry plays an important role in the same. The ILS Hospitals is one of such healthcare partners who ensure that the citizen of India stay in perfect health so that they can contribute towards the overall productivity of the nation.

NICU - ILS Hospitals

Let’s understand the importance of it through a case study of its high-end maternity hospital and NICU.

Mrs. Sangita Mitra, a school teacher of age 32, was expecting twins. She was getting her check-up and medication under an obstetrics close to her residence. He advised her diet and medication and also estimated the due date at 36th week.

Things went smoothly for the first and second trimester. However, during the mid of 29th week, she suddenly felt a sharp pain and contraction. Her family immediately consulted her doctor. He expected it might be a case of a premature delivery. But as he had no access to advanced maternal care and handling premature babies, he recommended them to ILS Hospitals.

When she consulted and scheduled a check up to maternity ward of ILS Hospitals, well-qualified obstetrics admitted her immediately as she was experiencing labor. One of the twins, the baby boy, despite being born prematurely was healthy, but the other baby had certain difficulties. Without wasting precious moments, the doctors admitted the baby to the NICU.

NICU - ILS Hospitals

The baby girl was suffering from respiratory trouble along with instability of heart rate. The doctors were present round the clock to keep a track of her vitals and to provide medical care. After 6 weeks, the baby girl was fit enough to be discharged from the NICU. Due to the timely intervention of medical treatment and care, she was saved from long-term complications.

The NICU of ILS Hospitals is highly capable of handling crisis that could threaten the survivability and complications (both long term and short terms) that a premature baby or critically ill baby may face. Round the year, ILS Hospital’s NICU saves lives of numerous babies.