ILS Hospitals Health Packages

Staying healthy all the time is more like a wish than reality.  No matter how careful we are, we all fall into the trap of diseases at times. Surviving on spice-less, taste-less nutritious food is what we all have done at some point or the other in our lives. Unfortunately, some people need a lot more trips to hospitals than others for their treatment.

Health Checkup

We, at ILS Hospitals are taking the initiative in this regard and helping to stay healthy with the help of the health packages. Here is a glimpse of all the packages with its highlights.

  1. Basic Health Check-up – As the name suggests, it covers the basic medical information, such as ECG, ABO and Rh grouping, random blood sugar, hemoglobin with ESR, chest X-ray, urine and serum profile.
  2. Child Health Check Up – It includes the screening required to ensure the sound health of the child. It includes blood sugar profile, urine and stool test, hemoglobin with ESR, ABO and Rh grouping.
  3. Well Women Check Up It consists of all the tests mentioned in the basic package with a set of women-oriented tests, such as breast and abdomen USG, Pap smear, thyroid profile and also a consultation with the gynecologist.
  4. Care of Senior Citizen As senior patients need extra care, this package has be designed for the elderly in our society. It comprises of all the tests of the basic package. In addition, it has cholesterol profile, USG abdomen and PAP/PSA for women/men respectively.
  5. Decoding DiabetesBy looking at the alarming statistics of diabetes in this era, this particular package is extremely helpful. It comprises of ECG, SGOT, SGPT, HBA1C, urea, fasting blood sugar, cholesterol, creatinine and bilirubin profile and albumin-creatinine ratio in urine.
  6. Silver Healthcare – As the name suggests, this package consists of a wide range of screening to ensure one stays in perfect health. Several of these tests are common as that of the basic package. The add on are TSH, EEG, liver function, lipid profile, uric acid, pulmonary function, and USG of abdomen.
  7. Gold HealthcareBeing an upgrade of the previous package, it consists of all the screenings of the same. In addition, it includes electrolytes and renal profile, along with USG for women and PAP/PSA for women/men respectively.
  8. Cardiac careThe number of people getting affected with some or the other cardiac ailments call out for this particular health package. It includes ECG, chest X-ray, EEG, TMT, lipid profile, blood sugar fasting and haemogram profile.
  9. Renal Screening – The health of the kidneys often skip the minds of people. To bring awareness for the same, this package comprises of several screenings such as, ESR, calcium, bicarbonate, chloride, creatinine, Potassium, Inorganic Phosphorus, Sodium, urea, uric acid profile, along with screening of blood sugar fasting, haemogram, HbSAG and urine.
  10. Pre-Marital HCP for Male and female- Before two people start their relational-life, it is better to have a healthy start with these packages for men and women. It comprises of the ABO and Rh grouping, fasting blood sugar, hemoglobin profile, Hb electrophoresis, HbSAG, HCV, HIV and DVRL screening for both partners. It also has an USG of lower abdomen and urine profile screening for females.

Thus, we encourage every individual to come forth and get a complete checkup to ensure they stay in perfect health.