Best Ent Specialists In Kolkata Share Useful Tips For Healthy Ears 

Ear health is often ignored by many people. Ears are important as they help us hear various sounds. Today, renowned ENT specialists from ILS Hospitals – Kolkata and Agartala will share some useful tips that will help you maintain good ear health.

Follow these below-mentioned tips by our ENT experts for good hearing health.

Use of earphones/headphones/earbuds at a lower volume

Nowadays, everyone uses earphones or headphones while listening to music and watching videos online. Earbuds have come into existence as well. We don’t want you to stop using them, but we would highly recommend you to use such devices at lower volumes. Also, clean your earbuds and headphones regularly.

Clean your ears the right way

Cleaning your ear should not be overlooked as the accumulation of ear wax can impair hearing. Do not clean your ears with Q – tips, instead soak a cotton ball into warm water and clean the outer part of your ears gently. Remember to not push the ear wax towards the ear canal. In case of earwax blockage, you should refer to an ENT specialist.

Use earplugs when exposed to loud noises

Long exposure to loud noises can cause hearing loss. Take precautions and wear noise-baring earplugs.

Don’t insert anything inside your ear

Don’t insert anything into your ear, not even your own finger to avoid injuries or infections in the ear canal.

Visit an ENT specialist every year 

If you want to ensure good ear health, visit an expert ENT specialist for your annual ear check-up. If you use a hearing aid then you should visit your ENT doctor more frequently. You can visit our hospital units in Kolkata and Agartala to get medical consultations from our ENT professionals

Eat healthy and do not stress as stress does no good to your ears. For any health-related advice, visit ILS Hospitals, one of the best hospitals in Kolkata and Agartala.

Cochlear Implant Surgery – A Hearing Gift from Medical Science

Saying goes- one the most beautiful things in the world is the music. It has no barrier in language or any other constraints. Unfortunately, it becomes insignificant if one is impaired in hearing. There could be several reasons for the same. According to ENT specialist, one can either lose their hearing power gradually over time, suddenly, due to an accident or they could be born with this disability.

Thankfully, there are several medical arrangements for the same in today’s era. ENT Specialists these days are using an exceptionally powerful implant called the Cochlear ImplantA revolutionary medical approach that enables the majority of the patient to experience sound.

Cochlear Implant

The cochlear implant is a medical electronic device. It can be considered as an alternative mechanism to compensate for the improper function of the inner ear. It is more advanced as compared to hearing aids, which only enhances the intensity of external sounds. The cochlear implant, on the other hand, bypasses the damaged inner ear and propagate the signal directly to the brain.

Cochlear implant is helpful for the patients with the following conditions-

  1. Moderate to significant hearing loss in one/both ears
  2. Had very little or no help from the hearing aids
  3. Score less than 50 (sometimes 60) percent on sentence recognition, evaluated by hearing professionals.

Several people are bilateral, i.e. have these implant in both ears. It can improve various functions of the ears, such as identifying the direction of sound or to segregate the desired sounds from the undesired ones.

Our success story

Recently, a patient had a successful cochlear implant surgery at one of our facilities, i.e. in ILS Hospital Agartala. The patient was very young, a boy of about five. Being a child of only five years of age, a significant learning period was ahead of him. Since hearing is a huge step of learning itself, this implant will help him direct his life towards a new and better direction.

Cochlear Implant

Needless to say, this implant will make a significant change in his life from now on. A glimpse of his positive life ahead, can be seen by the letter of acknowledgement sent by his father. We hope and pray for his healthy and prosperous life.

Also, we encourage the parents and guardians of such children to come ahead and get evaluated for the same. A little awareness and efforts can make their lives so much better.