All About X-Ray Tests And Its Scope

Diagnosis plays a crucial role in the overall treatment and care. In fact, it is not uncommon to find long queues in the good diagnostic center just like you find in the best hospitals. To make things easier for our patients, we at ILS Hospitals, offer most advanced high-end diagnoses including Cath lab, MRI, ECG, CT scans and more, within our premises itself. Today we will discuss a special diagnosis test, namely the X-ray as we are observing the World Radiation day, on 8th November.

What is x-ray?

The credit goes to the German Physics professor Wilhelm Rontgen, who accidentally discovered it while some experiment. X-ray screening is one of the oldest diagnostic techniques in the medical realm. It uses shielded, controlled ionized radiation to pass through the human body and it produces images accordingly. Any deformity and damage can be clearly evaluated from the same.

Scope of x-rays

X-Ray tests have huge scope in various medical specialties. We list out few most common –

1. Orthopaedics

a) The most common use of x-ray is the diagnosis of orthopaedic deformities. It is used to identify the damages to bones and joints.

b) It also can be used to estimate the bone density and thus is quite helpful to diagnose medical conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis.

c) It can also detect the presence of the bone tumors. However, its nature has to be determined by further screenings.

2. Dental

a) It can be used to check the alignment and damage of teeth and jaws. It can also be used to check for the cavities in the mouth.

3. Thoracic and abdomen cavity

a) Several lung conditions can be detected by x-ray tests, namely tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis and sometimes even cancer.

b) It can also detect several conditions, namely blocked blood vessels.

c) It is a useful tool to detect the presence of stones in the abdominal organs.

d) It is highly useful to trace any swallowed item, particularly in the case of children.

Though the number of diagnostic center offering X-ray screening is mushrooming in every corner, not every unit is using them as per the standard guidelines. As a result, many a time, people suffer hair loss, burns, and other complications due to poorly shield x-ray radiation. At ILS Hospitals, we ensure the x-ray tests offer only the positive benefits to the patients. We will be back soon with one such special diagnosis technique and its scope.