ILS Hospitals Contribute Towards Cancer Awareness on World Cancer Day

Illness is never a thing of fancy. However, there are several illnesses that can be cured effectively with drugs, surgery, and therapy in hospitals without much loss of overall health and spirit of the individual. But sadly, the same cannot be said for several other illnesses and cancer is one of such medical conditions. Let’s understand several aspects of cancer along with the importance of world cancer day.

There are several myths that surround cancer, that misdirect people regarding their treatment options and diagnosis. These myths usually include people assuming that cancer is an illness of old age people and is like a life sentence without a cure. However, medical science is improving drastically and timely medical intervention is capable of improving the cancer overall and sometimes, it may even cure it altogether.

Cancer is one of the most prevalent medical threat all around the world. About 6 to 8 million new patients get diagnosed with some or the other form of cancer each year. To make things worse, nowadays, the rarer forms of cancers are emerging more frequently and the new patients are mostly belonging to a much younger age group that it used to be a few decades back, often as young as the early 20s.

The most common site of cancer is often the breasts and cervix in case of women, whereas it is the lung and prostate, in case of men. Other common suite includes skin, lung, blood, uterus, colon, and rectum, etc. Even though the genetics and personal history of similar background is the prime cause for the same for many patients, but it is not the only factor contributing to cancer. The heavy consumption of tobacco, alcohol, junk food and leading a sedentary life with no physical activity often contributes highly to the onset of cancer.

The World Cancer Day is the perfect gateway to spread the role of timely diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It is a joint effort of World Health Organization (WHO) and Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to educate an individual, society, government and non-government organization to unite and fight towards the cause. This 4th February, in the event of World Cancer Day, we, at ILS Hospitals, pledge to do our bidding by spreading awareness of the same. We extend our support to the patents and families who are suffering from any form of cancer.