Diagnosis & Treatment Of Kidney Stone

Kidney stone is a common illness. The question arises of how kidney stones form. Do you know our urine consists of salts and dissolved minerals? Stones in the kidney form when these minerals and salts exceed their level regarding the normal level they should be. The kidney stones can grow from small pea sizes to larger ones. They fill the hollow interior space of your kidney gradually.

If the stone blocks the ureter, then urine flow stops. An individual can feel tremendous pain in such cases. To avoid such scenarios, you should always go for kidney stone treatment in Kolkata during the initial phase of the illness.

Symptoms Of Kidney Stone

Before rushing for kidney stone treatment in Kolkata, check if you are facing the following symptoms in your body;

  • Generally, you will observe a sharp pain arising from your back and spreading to the sides of your body. You can also experience pain in the lower abdominal area.
  • Again, you feel a need for urination, but urine flow will be less or blocked.
  • A burning sensation whenever you will pass urine.
  • You may notice blood, usually dark red or brownish colour coming out through the urine.
  • Vomiting tendency with a slight feeling of nausea
  • In men, commonly pain is observed on the penis tip.


Commonly in kidney stones, patients feel pain or can see the blood oozing out with the urine. However, there are cases where the kidney stone is “silent”. In those scenarios, you will not feel or see any symptoms. The health care provider usually does an X-ray to check the size and location of the stones.

Whereas, if you feel pain, then the doctors will suggest you perform a CT scan. It is again to check the stone size and location. This helps the doctor in quick understanding about the kidney stone and start diagnosis.


Depending on the stone size, location, and criticality of the stone, the treatment will start. You should always consult the specialist in the kidney stone clinics to start with the treatment.

Zero Treatment Process

If the stone sizes are small, then many times, doctors suggest that it can pass through the urine. Medicines are prescribed to control the pain. You can wait for 2-4 weeks for the entire treatment. It is the simplest form of treatment.

Medicine Treatment

Often your doctors will suggest medicines that can relieve the ureter and help you to pass urine. Again, there are medicines for melting the kidney stone and passing it through the urine. In few cases, your health care provider may give you anti-nausea pills depending on your requirement and stone condition.


After the necessary examination of the kidney stone, your doctor will check if you need the surgery or not. In the following scenarios, you may need to go through surgery:

  • If the stone size is bigger and growing more in numbers
  • Unbearable pain in the abdomen
  • Often the stones affect the normal function of the kidney. You may experience a urine infection

Again, at times individuals like to go for surgery even if the size of the kidney stones is small. It is because they feel scared that if the small-sized stone grows big and causes any problem.

Utheroscopy is performed by the doctors while removing stones from the ureter and kidney. For large stone removal, PCNL or Percutaneous nephrolithotomy is done. Again, there are other surgeries as well, like robot or laparoscopy, for treating kidney stones. In severe cases, your doctor might suggest a transplant.


A simple diet change can surely help you to protect your kidney from stone formation. You should include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Again, you should keep a check on your weight. However, kidney stones can occur at any time. Do not panic. Talk to the specialist for kidney stone treatment in Kolkata at https://www.ilshospitals.com/, and live a healthy life.