Cosmetic Surgery – How are Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Different?

There are several terms that got popular, especially in recent times, and one of them is Cosmetic Surgery. Lately, people who can afford it are going for cosmetic surgery for better aesthetics. But what is cosmetic surgery? It is known by very few people. It is widely confused and interchanged with another set of aesthetic surgery branch, the plastic surgery.

We will understand the difference between the two and then focus on our prime topic – the cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is a wide branch of medicines and surgery that comprises of two sub-categories- cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

Though these branches are closely related, their main objective is entirely different. The plastic (reconstructive) surgery aims to improve the function of organs and to restore it in case it misaligned due to some injury or accident or a defect during birth. The cosmetic surgery, however, aims to enhance the aesthetics of an individual.

Now that you know the difference between these two terms, let’s resume the original topic of the article that is the cosmetic surgery. In several parts of the world, including India, the function of Cosmetic Surgery is often overlooked and underestimated. A lot of people actually rule this out of their life assuming it to be a part for only wealthy people who aren’t happy about themselves. According to them, it is a non-essential elective surgery, not a cup for common folks. However, it is not the actual scenario.

Cosmetic Surgery

Several times, it is found that an individual suffering from low esteem due to some blemish within them. Previously, they had no choice but to live with it. But thankfully now, something can be done about it. From the hand of an experienced surgeon it is no less than a miraculous transformation.

Even though Cosmetic Surgery is becoming popular, it must be kept in mind, that every individual is not suitable for undergoing cosmetic surgery. Numerous medical and habitual factors must be calibrated carefully before making a decision. In several cases, the doctors postpone the procedure until the time the patient is through with psychological counseling.

Cosmetic Surgery

One must understand this loud and clear that cosmetic surgery is a permanent change in the body and only after being absolutely positive, one should go ahead with it. It is one of the wonders of medical science for the people and we will bring more facts regarding the same very soon.