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Cardiology – Harbor These 5 Healthy Habits for a Healthy Heart

Practice makes one perfect, but habit plays a crucial role in shaping our lives as well. What done once in a while, if becomes a habit, creates a series of complications. Today we will decode 5 habits that will change your heart forever. It will literally restore your heart to its former health and will keep cardiac emergencies at bay.

So, let’s begin the countdown

1. Take good care of your dental health

Though it may sound very irrelevant, but healthy teeth and gums will help you to have an overall healthy self, that includes your heart as well. It has been found that those having periodontal diseases are at more risk of having heart ailments too. The bacteria that causes gum diseases can travel through the bloodstream and causes complications to the heart as well.

To keep it at bay, brush and floss your teeth regularly.

dental health

2. Avoid trans-fat at all cost

It is often not possible (or even recommended) to completely eliminate the fat from the diet, but be sure to watch out for the hidden trans-fat in the everyday grocery list. Trans-fat can clog your arteries, which leads to rising of the bad cholesterol and lowering of the good cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Before buying snacks such as fries and crisps, read the label, ensure it has 0% trans-fat.

Avoid trans-fat

3. Have adequate sleep

One factor that often skips our mind is the quality and quantity of sleep we have. Insufficient sleep has been linked with the pressure build-up and inflammation in the heart. Special care should be practiced in case you are dealing with loud snoring and sleep apnea, as these might be an early sign for arrhythmias.

Have a sound sleep for six to eight hours a day to keep your body relaxed and disease free.

Have adequate sleep

4. Avert any second hand smoke

Though sharing has been encouraged since childhood to imprint healthy social and emotional impact, sharing second hand smoke can bring catastrophic results.  Even if you are not smoking directly, being present on the site or with the person can harm your heart directly by building up plaque in the bloodstream. It can lead to a cardiac emergency.

Avoid hanging out with people who are chain smokers and be firm about your resolution.

Avert any second hand smoke

5. Increase mobility while sitting or travelling for hours

Sitting idle for long hours at a stretch can be extremely harmful for your health. This is more likely to happen if you are either involved in sitting jobs or often travel to long distance for it. Immobilization for long hours can cause deep vein thrombosis blood clot in the blood vessels.

sitting or travelling for hours

Try to take a short break every couple of hours during the work and move around to mobilize your muscles.