Benefits of Laser Back Surgery

The modern advancement in medicine has blessed us with many essential technologies that have been exceptionally beneficial in reducing pain and suffering in humanity. One such procedure is laser back surgery which has made treating many common back conditions much simpler and less painful.

Earlier, traditional open back surgery was the norm which carried the potential of many side effects associated with surgeries. These surgeries are performed at the laser surgery hospital in Kolkata.

The laser back surgery is done by a small incision of about 5 to 6 inches long, made on the back. This process is the last refuge if all the other treatments fail to diminish the symptoms. Here are the main benefits offered by this innovative surgery procedure.

Benefits Of Laser Back Surgery

  • One of the most obvious and indispensable reasons to opt for laser back surgery is the reduced risk of blood loss, infection, and serious damage or injury to the muscles in your back and other soft tissues, which are often associated with open
  • The procedure is minimally invasive, and it reduces your hospital stay duration as you will take less time to recover from the surgery. Usually, this can help you save money as well.
  • Our doctors and surgeons are coming up with visionary techniques that can further enhance the results of this surgery. These techniques aim to increase the accuracy level for precise and successful patient treatment with a reduced risk of complications.

Which Conditions are Treated with Laser Back Surgery?

As stated by the surgeons at the laser surgery hospital in Kolkata, some of the common conditions that are often treated with the help of laser back surgery are as follows:

1 Herniated Disc: Herniated disc is also referred to as a ruptured disc or slipped disc and is one of the most common conditions leading to back pain. Often causing intolerable pain, the herniated disc is caused due to the pushing of the soft nucleus in the spinal disc through a rupture.

2 Pinched Nerve: Our nerves are surrounded by different tissue types like muscles, cartilage, tendons, and bones. Sometimes, tissues around the nerves can put extreme pressure on it, ushering to a condition called a pinched nerve. It can be very hurtful for a patient, causing uncomfortable symptoms like tingling, numbness, and pain, disrupting their day-to-day functionality.

3 Sciatica: An extremely agonising condition, sciatica can happen due to spinal stenosis, herniated disc, or a bone spur. This steers to extreme pressure on a nerve present in your back called the sciatic nerve, which causes very intense and shooting pain along your lower back, hips, buttocks, and even your thigh.

Laser back surgery can help reduce recovery time and complications related to back surgery. It is a modern procedure that can help in treating many conditions causing extreme pain like sciatica, pinched nerve and herniated disc.

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