Autumn Health Hazards – 8 Common Illnesses People Face during Rainy Season

After withstanding the scotching summer, its now the turn for monsoon to bring the drops of relief. The rainy season bring lots of excitement and fun, but unfortunately, it also brings several infections. Let’s have a glimpse of the illness that strikes the hardest doing the rainy season.

1. Cold and flu – Having a cold and later its progression into flu is quite common during rainy season. Generally, it resolves by rest, over the counter medicine and homemade remedies. But when it persists, it ought to be addressed in a hospital to be on safe side.

Cold and flu

2. Malaria – Though malaria can strike any time of the year, especially in the places with low level hygiene such as slums, however, the risk of the same enhances significantly during rainy seasons. The main reason for the same is breeding of mosquitoes in unmanageable water logging and clogging of drains.


3. Typhoid – Typhoid is a very common water borne disease that arises due to the pathogen bacteria Salmonella typhi. It onsets with the consumption of contaminated water. Another prime source is improper sanitation. The symptoms of typhoid such as sore throat, fever headache and weakness are often confused with flu, and thus, its treatment becomes quite tricky.


4. Dengue – Just like malaria, the mosquitoes, namely the tiger mosquito are the vector for dengue pathogen as well. Using mosquito repellents and keeping the body covered can help to prevent the mosquito biting.


5. Jaundice – Though it onsets due to malfunctioning liver, Jaundice is yet another disease that often onsets during monsoon. Mainly due to consumption of contaminated water and food. The disease can be easily distinguishable due to yellowing of skin, nails and sclera of eyes.


6. Cholera – It is more than just a disease, it is a threat that used to wipe clean the population of entire geographic clan in earlier days. Thankfully it can be controlled to a large extent these days. However, since it spreads due to contaminated water and food, its occurrence is most probable during monsoon.


7. Viral fever – As clearly the name suggests, viral fever is caused by virus pathogen which are most active during the rainy season. It weakens the overall immune system of the individual and makes them prone to have several other illness as well.

Viral Fever

8. Diarrhea – Yet another illness that occurs during the rainy season mostly due to the consumption of unhygienic food and drinks. It causes severe loss of fluids from the body and leaves the body very weak and susceptible.


Though these are the most common possible diseases that can strike during the rainy season, several others might attack as well. It is best to practice caution and care to stay in good health.