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Advantages of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Due to the instability in the spine, starting from degenerated discs to misshapen vertebrae, recurrently the pain can become unbearable. There are multiple treatment processes, and the first choice is surgery. Every reputed spine surgery hospital in Kolkata would prescribe a much safer procedure in place of the traditional operative process – i.e. Minimally invasive spine surgery.

Spine surgeries that can cure the pain through small incisions, about ½ inch through your skin, are performed through this technique. An endoscope is inserted into the incision to provide a smaller operative field in this approach. 

Do you suffer from spine problems? Should you opt for spine surgery? Let’s find out.

The types of spine treatment performed through minimally invasive spine surgery:

  • Spinal fusion for degenerative or “slipped” discs
  • Correcting a deformity
  • Decompression of any spinal tumours growth
  • Repair and stabilization of vertebral fractures
  • Fixing Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Treating spinal infection

5 Benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery

When compared with other treatment options, minimally invasive spine surgery is considered to be the best choice because –

Less painful

Minimally invasive spine surgery involves smaller incisions which accounts for less damage. And, thus, when the surgery is accomplished, you feel less pain during the next few recovery days. Further, this also ensures that you have to intake fewer pain killers and therapeutic medicines.

Less Traumatic

The body has to bear a certain amount of trauma while going through the surgery. Further, the muscle and tissue recovery period and treatment also affect the body. But, in the case of minimally invasive surgery, no muscular cutting is involved, and just a minor incision is made that gets healed within weeks.

The recovery rate is faster

Minimally invasive surgery is suggested when other treatment procedures fail to get you relief. This can help to ease the pain you have been experiencing for months. 


Open surgery can enhance the pain due to long-term rehabilitation. In contrast, minimally invasive surgery reduces that time gap and helps you get back to normal activities at the earliest.

No-Risk and few complications

Surgery is often assumed to be synonymous with risk, but minimally invasive surgery reduces the chance of complications. The only cases of complications arise due to side effects of the anaesthesia and infection at the incision area due to negligence.

Removes chances of common surgical problems

There is no excessive blood loss, and you do not get dependent on pain medication and do not feel any post-operative pain. Further, you do not have to go through physical therapy challenges, and there are no large scars left for a lifetime.

Do you need spine surgery?

There are specific indications when minimally invasive surgery will work and when it won’t. The doctor needs to ensure complete safety, and so you might have to go through repetitive diagnosis and health evaluation. Every possible treatment would be evaluated at a spine surgery hospital in Kolkata before the surgery is considered.

How to prepare for spine surgery?

  • Quit smoking at least one 1month before surgery.
  • Exercise regularly 
  • Stop taking non-essential medications and herbal remedies
  • Antibiotics will be prescribed before and after your surgery. 
  • Instruction about what to eat or drink the night before your surgery.

What to expect during recovery?

The post-operative phase of minimally invasive spine surgery results in less damage to muscles shortens hospital stay, reduces medicines expenses, and ensures faster recovery. And, most importantly, you get to return to the normal working phase and daily activities at the earliest.

However, not all conditions can be treated through minimally invasive surgery, so you must consult with the doctors at ILS Hospitals which is the best spine surgery hospital in Kolkata. Make sure you keep all follow-up appointments.