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What Could Be The Potential Cause of Chest Pain?

Have you ever felt a deep stabbing pain in your chest or continued discomfort around the chest area? It is time for you to consult a chest pain specialist soon. Do not worry, these pains are not always dangerous. Several causes can create chest pain. 

However, most of us predict that chest pain is a result of heart-related problems. In this article, we see some of the possible reasons that cause chest pain.

Different Causes Of Chest Pain 

In case you are facing severe chest pain, you should rush to a chest pain specialist immediately. A few probable causes for chest pain are listed below;

Muscle strain 

Often muscle pull or inflammation around the ribs causes chest pain. If it grows severe, it can result in muscle spasms. Mostly working out or lifting heavy weight leads to such chest pain.

Rib Injury

In any situation, if you get any injury due to an accident, mainly on the chest or rib area, it can cause chest pain. Due to a broken rib also, any individual can feel a sharp pain in the chest.

Peptic Ulcers 

The stomach lining contains peptic ulcers. If you are going through any stomach disorder, this pain can go up to the chest.

Gastric Issues (GERD)

Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD is a common reason for chest pain. The food substance does not get digested properly in the stomach, and often, it is pushed upward, causing pain. Moreover, you may feel nausea and a sore throat.


The shortness of breath, wheezing, and continuous coughing are a tendency of acute asthma. It can gradually increase with sharp chest pain and causes inflammation or rough blockage in the throat area. 

Lung Collapse

When air space is found between the ribs and lungs, it causes tremendous pressure on the chest. Again, due to collapsed lungs, you can feel the fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, and tiredness. Immediately consult a nearby chest specialist. 

In this context, you should know chest pain can also occur due to pneumonia. You may feel sharp chest pain along with fever and cough. Tuberculosis is mainly a bacteria that can cause chest congestion inside the lungs with severe pain.


When the rib cage gets inflammation, it causes costochondritis. In this condition, a person can feel discomfort or pain in the chest area during any physical activity like walking, lying, or even sitting.

Disorder Of Esophagus 

Oesophagus disorders are primarily the result of problems in the food pipe. Again, the hypersensitive oesophagus is caused due to formation of acid in the food pipe. In both of these situations, a person can feel chest pain.

Panic or Anxiety

Often depression, stress, anxiety, and panic attacks can cause chest pain. You may feel tiredness, shortness of breath, with a high heartbeat due to this. 

Heart Attack

For heart attacks, you may feel chest pain with other salient symptoms such as pain in the jaw and back, weakness, and shortness of breath. There can be other heart-related conditions leading to chest pain such as Angina. Due to Angina, you can feel a squeezing in your heart area. It mainly occurs when the blood cannot flow smoothly to your heart.

Inflamed heart or Myocarditis is the same as a heart attack but causes chest pain. However, you may feel feverish and have a racing heartbeat during this condition.

When Should You Consult A Doctor?    

If your chest pain is new or lasting for hours, you should immediately visit the nearby hospital. Consider the following symptoms before going to the doctor;

-A crushing pain in the chest and breastbone

-The chest pain moving towards the left arm and jaw area

-Rapid heartbeat 

-Confused state of mind


Always remember prevention is better than cure. Hence, if you face any pain around your chest area and it does not cure you by taking antacid medicines, consult the nearby chest pain specialist at immediately.