Why Infertility In Men Is On The Rise In India Lately?

Having progenies ensure the continuity of the human race on Earth. But lately, several people are coming up with the problem of infertility. Both males and females are suffering from it these days. You can find out the main reason for infertility among women here, for which one should consult a gynecologists.

Though we have one perk regarding potential fatherhood has over motherhood. That is, the age of the father is much less of significance against the age of the mother. This might look like a major advantage. However, the problem of fertility has increased among men alarmingly.

Here are some of the reasons for the same:


Having weight more than one can manage is always harmful for health. Recently, several studies have found a close relation between men being infertile with being obese or immensely overweight. Apart from physical difficulties, the extra weight also negatively affects the fertility factors significantly.

Obesity or Overweight

Lifestyle and stress

Following a sedentary lifestyle such as huge consumption of alcohol and other drugs can cause low sperm count. Also, the long working hours and work related stress, effects these factors largely.


Though a skilled gynecologist can trace this problem, it is always advised to seek a doctor’s expertise in handling infertility cases.

UTIs and STDs

Even though the occurrence of UTI in men is much less as compared to female, having a UTI can affect fertility. Especially recurring UTIs possess more severe threats.

UTIs and STDs

Several of the men in both rural and urban regions often gets indulged with multiple partners. No matter how careful one is, this practice can cause STDs. Though, some of the STDs are resolved with medications, while few others have catastrophic results and infertility is one of them.

Prior medical history, includes congenital diseases / sterility

Several diseases that might have affected in prior life may leave some traces of several problems in the future. This includes trauma, hydrocele, mumps, malaria, cryptorchidism, testicular cancer and several other.

Prior medical history, includes congenital diseases

Strenuous physical activities and injuries

Numerous physical activities like, bicycling and horseback riding that demand vigorous movements, can also have an adverse effect on the fertility of men. Additionally, sports like cricket, football, wrestling and other martial arts may also increase the risk of any accident that can directly or indirectly cause infertility.

Strenuous physical activities and injuries

Wearing supportive and protective garments during these activities mitigates the risk up to a large extent.  Thus, staying in good health is essential for personal reasons and also for ensuring a safe parenthood.