Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) – What, Why, Where?

As soon as a mother gives birth to a baby, the first thing they want to do is to bring their precious possession to their home. But if the little one is take her to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), it becomes a major cause of concern for the parents causing fear. Though it may sound alien at first, but understanding NICU and its need can ease the fear and allow the parents to help in the child’s recovery.

So, what is Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)?

NICU is a special section in pediatric department of a hospital, where newborn babies are kept for days or weeks subjected to the baby’s scale of prematurity. This department of the hospital possess special equipment and personals who are trained to provide extensive care to the babies and their special needs.

The equipment at NICU provides adequate oxygen and temperature and mitigates the risks associated with them. Altogether it provides the optimal environment for the baby’s sustenance.

NICU - ILS Hospitals

Why does some babies need special care?

During the birth of a child, several physical and emotional changes come into play for both mother and baby. During pregnancy, all the vital functions such as transfer of nutrients, removal of wastage, protection from pathogens and supply of oxygen come from the mother. But, as the baby comes out of the uterus, it can no longer depend on the placenta for transferring vital nutrients and major body functions, as it needs to adjust with the outside environment. Some of the major adaptation to be undergone by the baby post birth are as follows:

  1. The lungs must become functional and breathe air
  2. The heart must circulate blood efficiently
  3. The liver must initiate its own immunity system
  4. The digestive system must process food and eliminate wastage
  5. The kidney must initiate the fluid and iron balance of the body

NICU - ILS Hospitals

For most of the babies, this transition comes naturally without any major problem. But if the baby is born premature or with low birth weight or with some congenital disease, then this transition becomes quite challenging. Thankfully, special care is available for such babies in NICUs.

So where to take your baby if she needs special care?

ILS Hospitals offers NICU facilities to babies with special needs. It has trained specialists and modern equipment to help the baby adapt with the external environment. Such new born babies get a new life at ILS Hospitals. Especially, for the people of Eastern India.

NICU - ILS Hospitals