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ILS Hospitals: Advancing Speech Therapy for Enhanced Communication

At ILS Hospitals, our Speech Therapy department is dedicated to assessing, diagnosing, and treating individuals of all ages facing challenges with speech, language, and swallowing. Our registered and highly skilled speech therapists, also known as speech-language pathologists, are committed to rectifying various speech and communication disorders.

Expertise of Our Speech Therapists:

Our panel of speech therapists encompasses specialists with proven excellence and experience in various domains, including:

  • Stroke Rehabilitation:
  • Addressing speech difficulties arising from stroke-related issues.
  • Neuro-Rehabilitation:
  • Specialized interventions for neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease.
  • Swallowing Difficulties:
  • Providing effective therapies for individuals facing challenges in swallowing.

Comprehensive Services and Facilities:

Speech-Related Problems Addressed:

  • Stammering/Stuttering
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)
  • Delayed Speech
  • Speech Misarticulation
  • Cleft Lip and Palate, Submucous Cleft
  • Aphasia
  • Dysarthria
  • Hoarse Voice due to Vocal Nodules, Vocal Paresis
  • Vocal Fold Paralysis

Our Services Include:

  • Speech Assessment:
  • Thorough evaluation to understand individual needs.
  • Diagnosis:
  • Identifying specific speech and language disorders
  • Treatment and Advice:
  • Implementing personalized intervention plans.
  • Home Plan and Parent Counseling:
  • Empowering families to contribute to the therapeutic process.

A comprehensive assessment is conducted for each patient, leading to the development of customized treatment plans employing the latest methodologies. Our highly trained specialists offer a wide variety of services in speech/language intervention.

Common Conditions Treated

  • 1. Articulation Disorders:
  • Difficulty in producing specific speech sounds, affecting clarity.
  • 2. Fluency Disorders:
  • Impaired rhythm, rate, and fluency, leading to repetition and avoidance of speech.
  • 3. Resonance Disorders:
  • Challenges in nasal airflow, impacting speech resonance.
  • 4. Receptive Disorders:
  • Difficulty comprehending others’ speech, affecting language processing.
  • 5. Expressive Disorders:
  • Challenges in expressing thoughts verbally, known as Pragmatic Skill Disorder.
  • 6. Cognitive Communication Disorders:
  • Impaired thinking ability due to brain injury affecting communication.
  • 7. Learning Difficulty and Processing Problems:
  • Seen in children with difficulty following instructions, short attention spans, and delayed speech and social skills.

Our commitment at ILS Hospitals is to enhance communication abilities and improve the overall quality of life for individuals facing speech-related challenges. If you or your loved ones are experiencing any such concerns, our dedicated team is here to support your journey towards effective communication. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced speech therapists.

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