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Critical Care

Critical Care or Intensive Care is a very special healthcare domain that deals with only the patients suffering from imminent life-threatening illnesses and injuries. It often requires spontaneous diagnosis, invasive monitoring, and organ support, manage the crisis and ensure recovery.

In ILS Hospitals, the Intensive Care Unit must remain functional 24X7, equipped with high-end machines and staffed with very skilled doctors and nurses. Moreover, the staff to patient ratio is much higher in ICU as compared to other domains.

Apart from severe accidental trauma, medical conditions such as multiple organ failure and sepsis, sudden respiratory blockage, severe allergy, stroke, heart attack, etc. are also managed in ICUs.

Some of the crucial equipment of the ICU includes:

  • Mechanical ventilation to assist breathing
  • Defibrillation equipment for cardiac dysrhythmias
  • Hemofiltration equipment for acute renal failure
  • IV, suction pumps, catheters

A timely intervention of proper Intensive care can ensure the worst possible scenario can be mitigated with maximum effectiveness.

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