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An Achievement in Patient Treatment during Covid-19

COVID pandemic & the subsequent lockdown has brought misery to mankind. More to the patient, who requires emergency treatment.

A young lady was forced to come to ILS Hospital, Salt Lake on 1st May 2020 as she was suffering from severe abdominal pain and vomiting. The whole surgical team was under ‘Locked Down’ and decided to operate on Emergency only. The lady had mild fever along with abdominal pain. ‘Fever’ is something now we all are very suspicious about as it is one of the symptom of Covid-19. So, we followed the existing guidelines throughout her treatment procedure.

She was admitted in Our Hospital and kept in isolation and all the required treatment was started quickly by a team under the leadership of Dr. Om Tantia. Though she didn’t had any specific history of COVID-19 exposure, her samples were sent for COVID-19 RT-PCR test. Her supportive care was continuing and we were waiting for the COVID-19 test reports. Meanwhile, we did her CT Scan of Chest as well. CT Chest report made our suspicion more stronger. On 2nd May due to her condition, we had no options other than to operate on her to relieve her obstructed Recurrent Hernia.

The entire surgical team comprising of Dr. Om Tantia, Dr. Tamonas Chaudhuri, Dr. Shashi Khanna, Dr. Anshuman Poddar, Dr. Sabyasachi & anesthesia team headed by Dr. Rajesh Teri, operated upon her while maintaining all the precautions as per the guidelines. The operation was successful and she was relieved from her abdominal pain. But late in the evening on the same day, we came to know that she is COVID-19 positive.

Initially it was a great shock for all of us but we continued to provide all possible care to her while following the guidelines. She recovered successfully and was discharged from the hospital on 12th May.

27 health care personals including Doctor, Nurse, OT Technician, Housekeeping Personnel, Lab Technician etc. were directly involved in her care and treatment. All of them used PPE, followed the guidelines strictly and was not exposed at any point of time. We monitored and tested their health for 2 weeks and thankfully all of them are in good health.

We are happy that she recovered and the health of the team providing the care are protected too.


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