Visitors Guide

Please follow the rules for visitor to ensure care to all the patients :

  • You are only permitted to patient areas during Visiting Hours. Please bring your Visitor Pass for Security check
  • Please do not bring children below the age of twelve. This is a precautionary measure as children are more prone to catch infections.
  • For reasons of dietary restrictions and infection control please do not bring any food to the hospital from outside. All dietary requirements of the patient are taken care of by us.   
  • The entire hospital premises is a "No Smoking Zone". Consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances are strictly prohibited inside the hospital.
  • You must leave the hospital during a disaster or fire alarm.  
  • You should not be found sitting or lying on floors anywhere in hospital premises.  
  • You are not permitted to administer any medical treatment to the patient.  
  • Please avoid bringing expensive items to the hospital. HOSPITAL IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF ANY PERSONAL ITEM.  
  • Please do not use candles, dhoop, agarbattis, lighters, matchboxes etc. as they are a potential hazard in a hospital and they can also trigger our sensitive Smoke Detector System.  
  • For reasons of infection control, flowers are not allowed in any patient areas.  
  • If you are advised to leave the patient area by nursing staff / securities, please obey them. This is for the benefit of the patient.
  • At Saltlake & Dumdum Unit (as we do not have our blood bank), patient party is primarily responsible to arrange Blood in case of requirement, however we will assist you in all manners to get it on time.
  • At Agartala Unit, please contact our Blood Bank for any requirement.