Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine is a specialty dealing with emergency medical cases that are time-sensitive. 

Here are some of the most common medical emergencies that people experience:

  1. Heart Attack,
  2. Stroke,
  3. Appendix Burst,
  4. Renal Failure,
  5. Accidents (any Kind),
  6. Loss Of Consciousness,
  7. Severe Bleeding, 
  8. Difficulty Breathing,
  9. Severe Allergy,
  10. Severe Pain,
  11. Epileptic Seizure,
  12. Severe Burn

The following are emergency are rare as per count, but in case they occur, it requires emergency medical care as well. 

  1. Hypothermia
  2. Heat stroke
  3. Untimely Labor 
  4. Food Poisoning
  5. Venomous Bite

The emergency medical team acts as the first-line care providers that manage the crisis. Upon stabilizing the patient, they might hand over the patients to more specific experts to rule out the risks of any long-term complications. 

At ILS Hospitals, we have an expert medical team and equipment to deal with medical crisis. We are open 24*7 to address these medical emergencies.